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Research and Innovation Centres for Fire Safety (BRANNSIKKERHET)

Deadline Announcement
The programme does not contain active announcements


A list with the project titles of all applications under processing will be published on the Research Council website. In connection with the application review, the project summary may be forwarded to potential referees when asking whether they can assess the grant application. The project title and project summary should therefore not disclose sensitive information.


The BRANNSIKKERHET initiative is the Research Council of Norway’s strategic initiative for research and innovation to heighten fire safety. The primary objective of the initiative is to develop strong, interdisciplinary research and innovation centres that can provide a long-term contribution to more effective and knowledge-based fire safety efforts.

The initiative will stimulate a long-term strengthening of fire safety research, build strong scientific communities and ensure more and better cooperation between research groups, funders and knowledge consumers. To succeed in enhancing research quality and increasing innovation capacity, it will be important for the initiative to create synergies across disciplines and sectors.

Centre scheme

The BRANNSIKKERHET initiative is a centre scheme initially established and funded for a period of five years. This form of organisation has been chosen to strengthen cooperation, long-term competence-building and knowledge dissemination in the field of fire safety. A centre under the BRANNSIKKERHET initiative will be governed by a consortium comprised of educational and research institutions, fire services, other public-sector actors and the industry or actors from the business sector.

The initiative will have a broad scientific scope, and will attach special importance to interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral issues. Institutions applying for centre status should strive to be visionary, creative and innovative while still maintaining a clear, targeted research profile. Six research areas have been identified as particularly relevant and important. Please refer to “Research and Innovation Centres for Fire Safety (BRANNSIKKERHET) – Framework Document 2018–2027”.
A centre for fire safety should become a nationally leading research community in the field, and attract collaboration, expertise and researchers by expanding expertise in fire safety. The centre is to develop knowledge of relevance for key user groups in the private and public sectors, and research results are to lead to innovation and benefits for society.

Researcher Projects

In connection with the centre, funding will also be allocated for Researcher Projects in the field of fire safety. Projects awarded funding will be part of the efforts to boost scientific and collaboration activities carried out at the centre. 

The BRANNSIKKERHET initiative will seek to:

  • develop internationally prominent research and innovation centres for fire safety;
  • promote the development of theory and methodology in the field of fire safety;
  • increase knowledge development and ensure wider dissemination and application of existing knowledge;
  • encourage more recruitment to fire safety research and strengthen researcher training;
  • contribute to enhanced scientific development, quality and innovation – through good researcher recruitment, increased mobility and internationalisation;
  • promote innovative methods, products, processes and services or organisational forms that enhance the quality and effectiveness of fire safety efforts;
  • ensure increased interaction and cooperation between research groups and private and public stakeholders in the field of fire safety;
  • contribute to the design of knowledge-based regulations;
  • ensure better utilisation of society’s combined resources in efforts to improve fire prevention, preparedness and management;
  • contribute to increased public and/or private funding in this research field over and above the initiative’s start-up funding volume.

For more information, please refer to the document “Research and Innovation Centres for Fire Safety (BRANNSIKKERHET) – Framework Document 2018–2027” (see the link to the right on this page).

In 2018, the Research Council awarded funding for a research and innovation centre on fire safety. (In Norwegian) 

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

The host institution for a research and innovation centre for fire safety must be a university, university college or research institute.



Overall budget:

NOK 75–90 million.