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NOK 4 million in funding for pre-projects in the field of bioresource processing

The Research Council and Innovation Norway are announcing funding to strengthen innovation in the bioeconomy. The pre-project scheme is designed to encourage companies to clarify the potential of innovative concepts that may lead to new processes or products.

Pre projects Choose


This call for proposals is a collaborative effort between the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway.



Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

NOK 4 million. NOK 200 000–500 000 in funding may be sought per pre-project. Public funding may comprise a maximum of 50 per cent of total project costs. Projects awarded grants will receive funding from either the Research Council or Innovation Norway.

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:

Who is eligible to apply?

All types of companies are eligible to seek funding for a project under this call. The Research Council and Innovation Norway are encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises in particular to apply.

The bioeconomy encompasses all sustainable, efficient, profitable production, utilisation and processing of renewable biological resources for food, feed, ingredients, health products, energy, materials, chemicals, fibre and other products. The bioeconomy comprises value creation (products and services) based on production and utilisation of renewable biological resources, as opposed to non-renewable carbon-based resources. 

This call for proposals is targeted towards the industrial implementation of technology or development of products that enhance value creation through further processing and increased utilisation of biological resources and residual raw materials. Grant proposals involving techno-economic studies to shed light on the profitability of new production processes or projects to document the sustainabiliity/environmental impact of new production processes are particularly encouraged.

Guidelines and important considerations for this call for proposals

  • The aim is to fund pre-projects that will form a basis for commercially oriented R&D/innovation projects.
  • The pre-projects must help to reduce development-related risk/uncertainty. Pre-projects involving ordinary product development with a low level of inventiveness and low risk will not be given priority.
  • When assessing grant applications, importance will be attached to the pre-project’s level of innovation, relevance to industry, market potential, profitability, sustainability, environmental impact and potential for future value creation in Norway.

Projects are not required to include partners. Companies planning to collaborate with other companies or R&D institutions under the project must indicate this, describe the role of the individual partners and specify how the costs will be distributed among them.

Assessment criteria

  • Relevance relative to the priority areas of the call for proposals;
  • Impact of the public funding on project realisation;
  • Market potential and profitability;
  • Implementation capacity;
  • Potential for future value creation in Norway.

Please note that support provided to a pre-project does not entail any binding commitment on the part of the Research Council or Innovation Norway to award funding for a future main project.

Activities carried out prior to submission of the grant application are not eligible for funding. Activities launched prior to receipt of a funding pledge are undertaken as the sole responsibility of the applicant.

What costs can be covered?

Relevant costs comprise payroll costs, procurement of R&D or specialist services, networking measures and other project-related costs.