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NOK 40 million to joint Indo-Norwegian researcher projects on antimicrobial resistance

Following up the Bilateral agreement of Science and Technology between India and Norway, and the Memorandum of Understanding on Health research between the Indian Council of Medical Research and the Research Council of Norway, ICMR and RCN issue a call for proposals for collaborative research projects within the field of antimicrobial resistance.

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26.04.2017 13:00 CEST


The INDNOR, BEDREHELSE and BIONAER programmes are collaborating on this call for proposals. Project proposals that include Indian partners and address the stipulated research challenges in this call are eligible for funding. This call applies to the Norwegian part of cooperation projects.

Grant applications are to be submitted via the BEDREHELSE programme.



Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals:

A budget of up to NOK 40 million in total will be available from the Research Council of Norway for allocations to the Norwegian part of the projects, and an activity matching funding is available from the Indian Council of Medical Research to the Indian part of the projects. The total budget from the Indian Council of Medical Research will cover activity matching funding and in-kind contributions for a mutually agreed number of projects.

Guidelines and important considerations relevant to all types of applications in this call for proposals:


The MoU between the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) and the Research Council of Norway (RCN), seeks to establish a health research relationship for encouraging research in a range of health-related areas of mutual interest, including human vaccines, infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance. The agreement shall promote direct cooperation within the field being organized through joint bileteral calls and funding for research proposals/projects as well as facilitating exchange of scientists and scientific information.

Two workshops engaging Indian and Norwegian researchers in the field of AMR research has been held in preparation for the call.

Norwegian funding for this call is provided by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in India via the RCN programme Research cooperation with India (INDNOR). Better Health and Quality of Life (BEDREHELSE) will administrate the call and has provided, along with Sustainable Innovation in Food and Bio-based Industries (BIONAER), top up funding for the call.

Scope and intent of the India-Norway Collaborative Research Program
ICMR and RCN invites Indian and Norwegian scientists/researchers to submit proposals for cooperative research projects in the research fields indicated below. The proposed collaboration should strengthen already on-going research activities in each research group and contribute significant added value to these on-going activities. The selection of the projects shall be based on scientific merit/quality of the proposal; complementarity of the collaborating partners; justification/rational for international collaboration; added value to the national on-going activities, applicability/usefulness of the result outcome. To ensure adequate participation of all project partners and encourage long-term cooperation, the project description should clearly describe specific in-kind and financial contributions by each partner, as well as their role in the joint project.

Research areas covered
The following broad areas are covered in the call on antimicrobial resistance (AMR):

  • Surveillance systems for antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic use in humans and/or animal population
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of antibiotic stewardship programs including intervention studies to promote infection control and clinical practice guidelines in hospitals, primary care and veterinary medicine
  • Novel strategies for diagnosis and treatment of infections caused by multidrug-resistance bacteria
  • Ecological, evolutionary and molecular properties of antimicrobial resistance

What types of activities are eligible for funding
Funding may be sought for researcher projects. Joint researcher projects might have a duration of up to 3 years for the Norwegian part of the project, including dissemination and network activities (e.g. workshops, conferences) as well as visits of Indian and Norwegian researchers to the counterpart country.

The proposed RCN projects should have funding from RCN in the following range:

  • 5-8 million NOK in the entire project period

Any grants to support recruitment of PhD students and postdoctoral fellows should be integral components of the project proposal. Proposals for individual fellowships will not be funded of the present call.

The scope of the project should be realistic within the timeframe and budget limitations of the project. Plans for publication in peer-review journals that are accessible in Norway and India are strongly encouraged.

One of the main objectives of the call is to promote collaboration between Indian and Norwegian scientists, but additional collaborators from other countries may be included. ICMR and RCN will only fund their own partners.

Who can apply
Joint proposals must be developed in cooperation between Principal Investigators (PIs) representing a research institution in Norway and a research institution in India. Each partner PI must submit separate research proposal from their institution. There should not be more than one contract partner from each country in each project.

Project cooperation should be well-rooted in research institutions in both countries and organised to ensure relevance and benefit for the users, the research field and society at large. To ensure adequate participation of all project partners and encourage long-term cooperation, the project description should clearly describe specific in-kind and financial contributions by each partner, as well as their role in the joint project.

Application procedure
Each proposal should have one Norwegian and one Indian Principal Investigator (PI). Norwegian PIs must submit the proposal to the RCN. Indian PIs must submit the proposal to the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research). The proposals should be identified with a common short name/acronym, and a joint project description should be enclosed.

In the joint project description:  

  • Relevance for the India-Norway Collaborative Research Program and the research areas stipulated  in the call must be carefully addressed.
  • Activities should be clearly described according to a timeline, and organised into well-defined work packages with corresponding responsibility
  • Milestones should be identified that can be used to easily follow the progress of the project.
  • Budget information should be detailed and clearly represented, including in-kind and financial contributions by each partner.
  • Management structure and partner roles/responsibilities must be described.
  • Research methodology  should be described in detail as well as technology transfer, if appropriate.
  • Significance and benefits that the results of the project will have for the users, the research field and society at large must be described.
  • Capacities for implementing research findings in practice must be described.
  • Dissemination and communication of research results to key decision-makers, the public administration and the public at large is of particular importance. Grant applications must include a communication plan that describes concrete measures and activities targeted towards various user groups.

Proposals for funding from the ICMR must be submitted according to the rules and regulations of the ICMR.

Assessment and joint decision-making procedure
The project proposals will be assessed separately according to the rules of procedure in each country. In addition to the general scientific criteria, the level of integration of partners and distribution of resources (financial and in-kind) as well as project organisation will be subject to consideration. Grant proposals will be assessed on the basis of the criteria for the RCN's Researcher Projects, as well as in relation to the special guidelines, requirements and assessment criteria set out for this call for proposals.

The RCN will use international referee panels in its assessment procedure, followed by the ranking of recommendations by the programme board for BEDREHELSE in consultation with a representative of the BIONAER programme board. 

The programme board will give consideration to whether applications that are relevant for funding take adequate account of ethical perspectives, environmental impact and gender perspectives in the research.

The ICMR and the RCN will implement a joint decision-making procedure to determine the outcome of the call. Projects must receive a high assessment score in both countries to be funded. Importance will be attached to achieving a balanced project portfolio that reflects the full spectrum of the stipulated research challenges. The selected projects will receive funding from the ICMR and the RCN.

Additional information
The projects must start before June 1st 2018.

The RCN will enter into a contract with the Norwegian applicant for the Norwegian portion of the project.

Agreement on rights to and use of findings and partner obligations (collaboration agreement)
A consortium agreement detailing the obligations of each partner must be drawn up before the contract with the RCN is signed. The collaboration agreement should include specification of the rights to and use of findings (IPR).

The call for proposal is in English language only which also is legally binding.

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