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Support for companies

Apply for a tax deduction under the SkatteFUNN scheme or compete for funding from the Research Council, Eurostars and the EU.

Not sure whether your project qualifies for support from the Research Council? Use the Project Canvas tool to evaluate your project concept or contact an adviser directly. 

If your project is qualified for support, you have several choices:

Tax deductions under the SkatteFUNN scheme

The SkatteFUNN R&D tax incentive scheme is open to all companies. It is a rights-based scheme that provides a tax credit for costs related to a specified project. Support under the SkatteFUNN scheme may be combined with funding from other initiatives at the Research Council.

SkatteFUNN applications may be submitted at any point during the year. In order to be eligible for a project-related tax credit in the same year you apply, your application must be submitted before 1 September. The Research Council of Norway guarantees that all applications submitted on or before September 1 will be processed within the current year.

Competing for funding

Your project may be qualified for both a SkatteFUNN tax credit and for support from the Research Council, Eurostars and the EU.   

Innovation projects

Companies in many different branches of industry can compete for Research Council funding for innovation projects. Funding announcements are issued each year with the application deadline in October. It is possible to create your application from the beginning of September. The calls for proposals will be published first as planned calls in the course of May/June. At that time it will also be possible to submit an optional project outline to initiate a dialogue with the Research Council on how to angle your grant proposal and which programme it should be submitted to.

A number of programmes with different thematic areas and sectoral focus issue funding announcements for innovation projects as well. If none of these programmes feels right for you, your proposal may belong under the Programme for User-driven Research-based Innovation (BIA). If you need help in determining the appropriate programme, contact one of our advisers.

No calls currently active? See which programmes normally issue calls for innovation projects in October or view previous calls for proposals.

Cooperation with research partners

Most innovation projects need assistance from a research group. Applicants are encouraged to contact a relevant research group and to work together with them on preparing the grant application.

The relevant research group can also apply for Research Council funding for a Knowledge-building Project for Industry in cooperation with the company. This gives the research group greater expertise in the company’s area of activity, while the company receives valuable input towards future production processes, products or services.

No calls currently active? Check which programmes have previously issued calls for Knowledge-building Projects.

EU and Eurostars

The EU supports innovation activities in companies through the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020 (Horizon 2020). Many projects eligible to compete for funding under the Research Council can also apply for support from Horizon 2020.

Eurostars is a European initiative to strengthen research-performing SMEs, and is open to companies in all branches of industry, sectors and technology areas. Eurostars provides funding for the development of new products, processes or services. There are two application rounds each year.

The Industrial Ph.D. Scheme

Company employees who would like to pursue a doctoral degree in an area beneficial to the company may find the Industrial Ph.D. Scheme to be the scheme they are looking for. The company is the formal applicant and submits the grant application. Applications are accepted throughout the year. The award is conditional to the candidate’s admission to an organised doctoral degree programme and to the signing of a collaboration agreement between the company and the degree-conferring institution.

  • Apply for funding under the Industrial Ph.D. Scheme



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