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Research and Innovation Staff Exchange

Meeting room Abel 1, The Research Council of Norway, Drammensvei
07.12.2018 10:00 CET
07.12.2018 12:00 CET
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The Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions will soon publish a new call for 2019 under the “Research and Innovation Staff Exchange” (RISE). If you intend to apply, it will pay off to participate in our information seminar.

Intersectoral and international staff exchanges are at the heart of the RISE scheme. For 2019, a call will be launched on 4. December 2018 with a budget of 80 million euro. Those who plan to participate in a proposal, should take part in our information seminar to learn the dos and don´ts of how to make a competitive RISE proposal submission.

RISE projects can be in any discipline or interdisciplinary, and you decide the topic of the research and innovation activities of the joint project. The support is in form of lump sums for the intended mobility and collaboration, because that is what RISE is about. Our general advice is to use an existing network in some form as base for the consortium, or at least limit the number of participants to make the project viable. The size and duration of the projects vary a lot, so you have flexibility also to start a small project. And one in four projects is funded, making the success rate attractive.

Join the seminar in person or via streaming to learn more! Head of Unit Fredrik Olsson-Hector of the Research Executive Agency (REA), the European Commission, will give us all the latest information. We will also hopefully hear experiences made from a successful RISE project participant (tbc).

Please sign up and indicate if you will join in person or watch the streaming. Then we can send you the presentations afterwards. 

Link to streaming

The forthcoming call for RISE 2019 on the Funding and Tenders Portal