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Low-threshold ICT – the Programme on ICT for the Disabled from 1998 to 2012

Hotel Scandic Oslo Airport
23.05.2013 09:00 CET
23.05.2013 18:00 CET
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The Programme on ICT for the Disabled (IT FUNK) at the Research Council of Norway has given individuals with reduced functionality better access to information and communication technology, thereby increasing their ability to participate in society. As the programme is drawing to a close, a final conference is being held to present the research results.

The IT FUNK programme has provided funding for the development and adaptation of a number of ICT-based products and services for people with reduced functionality. The goal has been to make ICT developed for the general market accessible without any major additional expense or inconvenience. In particular, the projects have increased accessibility to education/training and employment, thereby enhancing participation in society.

The concluding conference will include presentations on the history of the programme and topics such as user participation, universal design and language technology. Anna Mieczakowski from Inclusive Design Group, Engineering Design Centre at the University of Cambridge will be present to hold a lecture on the book, Time for the Inclusive Revolution: Ageing, Adaption and Accessibility.

The conference will conclude with a look at the road ahead and will include a presentation of the Research Council’s new ICT initiative, ICT2025.

Although the original registration deadline was 8 May, there may still be some places available.

The complete conference programme is available on the conference webpage (Norwegian only).