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Focus on Business seminar 2017: Stable instability

Det Norske Teatret, Oslo
05.04.2017 10:00 CET
05.04.2017 17:00 CET
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High-speed technology development is shaking up the Norwegian business sector. The Focus on Business seminar will show how we can meet the future with curiosity rather than apprehension.

The Research Council of Norway is organising the Focus on Business seminar for the eleventh time, bringing together participants interested in research-based innovation. The seminar will present an up-to-date, future-oriented picture focusing on the relationship between research and business.   

The year’s seminar will ask the following questions:

  • Which technology trends will have an impact on you?
  • How can we create new success stories?
  • How can your business benefit from innovative research?

The seminar provides the opportunity to meet researchers, entrepreneurs, business leaders and politicians.

Practical information

The conference is free of charge but registration is required. Register here (Norwegian only):

The seminar day begins at 9.00 CET with registration and breakfast. The seminar itself begins precisely at 10.00 CET, so please allow ample time for arrival.