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Conference: New Opportunities in Petroleum Research

The Research Council of Norway, Drammensvn. 288, Lysaker
10.05.2017 09:00 CET
10.05.2017 16:00 CET
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The Research Council of Norway invites you to a conference to discuss the status of the PETROMAKS 2 programme. Results of the ongoing programme evaluation will be presented along with examples of projects funded under the programme.

The PETROMAKS 2 programme is undergoing change. The conference will present some proposals for a new work programme and new calls for proposals. The Research Council is seeking input on the work programme from participants both during and after the conference.

The PETROMAKS 2 programme has been made an open-ended programme, and the health, safety and environment (HSE) initiative under the programme is now open-ended as well. At the same time, social science aspects are being incorporated to a wider extent into the PETROMAKS 2 focus areas. The newly revised Oil & Gas for the 21st Century (OG21) strategy will also entail some changes in the thematic focus of the work programme.

The conference provides a good opportunity for researchers and users of research to meet and build networks. Participants at the event will be able to meet actors working with research and technology from the supplier industry, petroleum companies and research institutions.

Please note that the conference is free of charge, but a “no-show fee” of NOK 400 will be invoiced if a registered participant does not attend the conference without having provided advance notification of their withdrawal.

Register and view the conference programme here. (Norwegian only)