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The Research Council's evaluation activities are designed to enhance the quality, efficiency and relevance of the research sector. Evaluation activities provide a good basis for determining how to allocate research funding, and for offering guidance on research-related issues within the Research Council itself, to the institutions, and to the authorities.


Evaluation of the Research Council`s own activities

Evaluation of the Research Councils own programmes, activities and other funding instruments is conducted on the initiative of the Councils governing bodies.

Evaluation of political reforms

The Research Council administers a number of research-based evaluations of political initiatives and social reforms, often commissioned by the various ministries.

Institute evaluations

Many research institutes receive their basic funding from the Research Council. Institute evaluations are designed to provide an overview of the status of research activities and to identify potential areas of improvement.

Subject-specific evaluations

The Research Councils ability to set priorities and make recommendations is based on cumulative knowledge of the Norwegian research community. The subject-specific evaluations are among the most important sources of this knowledge.