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Division for Energy, Resources and the Environment

The Division for Energy, Resources and the Environment is responsible for research and innovation targeting national and global challenges associated with the energy, petroleum, climate, polar, environmental and marine resources sectors.

Executive Director: Fridtjof Unander

The division carries out activities relating to resource management, policymaking and the design of policy instruments, and has been charged with coordinating and following up the Focus on the Arctic and Northern Areas Initiative. The division has the overall responsibility for coordinating Research Council efforts, conducting analyses and developing strategies within its relevant areas of focus.

The division’s key objective is to help to achieve effective, sustainable exploitation of Norwegian resources in order to boost value creation in Norwegian industry. The division works to enhance the knowledge base for policy development and to increase knowledge about market conditions and the application of policy instruments in Norway and internationally. Its activities will form an integral part of the framework underlying central national strategic planning processes in the relevant areas.

Activities under the division are conducted via Large-scale Research Programmes in the thematic areas of climate, energy, petroleum and aquaculture, as well as other thematic-oriented programmes related to the environment, marine resources, polar research and petroleum activities. The division administers the Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) scheme. The various research programmes provide funding for basic research, user-driven projects, innovation projects and technology demonstrations.

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