Regional and thematic EU networks

Do you have an idea for a research or innovation project that could win Horizon 2020 funding, or are you planning to take part in an EU project? Participating in an EU network can help you to find partners, increase your insight into how to take part in EU projects and give you access to sharing of best practices and mutual learning.

EU networks provide opportunities to discuss research questions and solutions, and they are a great way to get started with your own application for Horizon 2020 funding.

The Research Council National Contact Points (NCP) offer support in relation to the EU networks' activities and objectives.

Please contact us if you are interested in taking part in an EU network. An overview of EU networks and related contact information is available below.

The EU networks seek to reach as many relevant stakeholders as possible within a specific region or subject area. There are two types of EU networks.

Regional EU networks

Regional EU networks promote participation in, and expertise related to, Horizon 2020 within their respective regions. Regional EU networks:

  • help to bring actors together across sectors at the regional level by linking R&D actors (universities, university colleges and institutes) with end-user communities (trade and industry and the public sector);
  • engage in a high degree of coordination with other actors working to increase EU participation who are not directly connected with the proposed network (the Research Council’s National Contact Points and regional representatives, Innovation Norway, competence brokers under the Programme for Regional R&D and Innovation (VRI) and clusters such as the Norwegian Centres of Expertise (NCE), the Global Centres of Expertise (GCE), the Arena scheme and the like).

Cross-cutting thematic EU networks

Cross-cutting thematic EU networks promote participation in, and expertise related to, Horizon 2020 in cross-cutting thematic areas. Contact the Research Council or a network near you to determine whether a joint grant application for EU funding could be possible.

Overview of EU networks

Regional network On the web
Arktisk Horisont Arktisk Horisont på Facebook
Horizon Finnmark Horisont Finnmark



EU-nettverk Nordland
Horisont Trøndelag Horisont Trøndelag

Horisont 2020


Horisont 2020 Nordvest


Sogn og Fjordane

EU-nettverk for Sogn og Fjordane

Horisont Vest

Stavanger Region European Office

Horizon South Norway


Horizon South Norway



EU-nettverk Sørøst-Norge



EU-nettverk Innlandet
Cross-cutting thematic network On the web
ENIT EU-nettverk ENIT