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All open calls for proposals under Horizon 2020 are available via the EU portal for funding and tenders.

Horizon 2020 calls for proposals

The EU’s next research and innovation framework programme, Horizon Europe, starts in 2021 with a total of EUR 100 billion in funding available.

Coronavirus information

If you are a project partner in a Horizon 2020 project and are prevented from fulfilling your obligations according to the Grant Agreement (MGA), or even to work on the project, please contact your project coordinator immediately. He or she will contact the Project Officer (PO). The European Commission will look into the possible application of the rules of force majeure on a case-by-case basis as it is defined in Article 51 of the H2020 MGA.

For example, if scheduled meetings, seminars or workshops are cancelled, budgeted accrued costs could be covered if they are not covered by others. The Commission will make an assessment of each individual case.

The Research Council has appointed National Contact Points (NCP) for each area under Horizon 2020. They can help to answer questions and provide information about calls for proposals and applications across the full spectrum of Horizon 2020 instruments. Contact our NCPs for assistance.

Courses are available for researchers and EU advisers at universities, university colleges, institutes, in trade and industry and the public sector. Most of the courses are open to everyone, while others are directed towards a specific target group, e.g. EU advisers.

Do you need help with writing a proposal or with review and quality assurance of what you have written? The Research Council offers this service free of charge for Norwegian applicants to Horizon 2020.

You can apply for financial support to find relevant calls, partners and networks as well as for help in preparing or further improving your Horizon 2020 grant application.

Participating in a regional EU network can help you to find partners and increase your insight. You can also apply to the Research Council for support to establish a regional EU network.

of the total funding allocated under Horizon 2020 (November 2019)

9000 million NOK

Participation in Horizon 2020 activities is subject to certain requirements and there are rules that must be followed for a grant application to be approved. Furthermore, there are a number of practical things you need to know. Here you can find out more information about all of the above.

Are you considering pursuing a career in research and innovation? Are you the manager for talented individuals who you believe should seek a career in research? Here are some pointers.

Why do some project proposals win Horizon 2020 funding while others do not? See here for some pointers on how to succeed from projects and researchers who were granted funding.