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EEA and Norway Grants

The EEA and Norway Grants finance reseach collaboration with a series of European countries. During the coming period (2017–2023) there will be calls for proposals that Norwegian researchers may participate in.

Research programs will fund research in Norway and selected EU member states that enter into an agreement for research cooperation through the EEA funds. The programs will cover research activity in both Norway and the partner countries.

Negotiations and development of the programs are ongoing and the first calls for proposals are expected in the autumn of 2017.

It is the research councils in the partner countries that administer the funds. The main applicant must be from the country in question but there is a requirement of at least one Norwegian partner in each project.

Experience from the previous financing period shows that Norwegian partners have the greatest benefit in multi-year projects where their participation is significant.

The Research Council can assist Norwegian participants in the application phase and during project implementation.

More information on EEA funds can be found on the Norwegian Government's website.

The countries that are relevant for research cooperation are:


In October 2016, Norway and Romania signed an agreement for a new research program of 40 million euros. More information will come when the first call is ready to launch.

The programme is under development



On 9 May 2017, Norway and Estonia signed an agreement for a new research program of 7.1 million euros.

The program is under development.



On May 22, 2017, Norway and Portugal signed a new EEA agreement. 38 million euros are assigned to blue growth through business development, research and education.

The programme is under development.



Since 2013, the Norwegian-Latvian research and scholarship program has funded 13 projects in society and health. Negotiations on a new agreement are in progress.



Negotiations are in progress.




Norway has had research cooperation with Poland through EEA funds since 2007. 75 projects are supported through the ongoing program. Negotiations on a new agreement are in progress. See open call for bilateral activities.


Czech Republic

On September 4, 2017 Norway and the Czech Republic signed a new EEA-agreement. EUR 30 mill are assigned to research.

The programme is under development.



Negotiations are in progress.