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Requesting changes to the approved project framework

Projects receiving funding from the Research Council may request changes to the project framework via “My RCN Web”. Change requests are submitted by the project manager or project administrator on behalf of the Project Owner. Notification of whether or not the request has been approved will be sent by email. The status of the change request will be updated automatically on “My RCN Web”.


How to request a change to a approved project framework:

  • Log in to “My RCN Web”,
  • Find the menu tab “Projects/Reports”
  • Find the relevant project
  • Create a change request or find your project information under “View / change project” 

The Research Council will administer change requests on an ongoing basis. The Council will send its response (approval/denial), or a request for additional information to the project manager and project administrator by email. 

For users, the new function provides the following advantages:

  • secure communication about the project via “My RCN Web”;
  • easy access to updated project information and an overview of changes to the project framework
  • user-friendly, self-operated function for creating change requests
  • efficient dialogue between the project and the Research Council

What kinds of changes are allowed? ?

The project manager or project administrator may submit requests to make changes to the following project information:

  • Project period / Progress plan
  • Financial information
  • Fellowships
  • Partners
  • Objectives
  • Project summary
  • Upload attachments

The following changes must still be made in connection with the established reports, as has previously been the case:

  • Popular science presentation
  • Project title, alternative language 


Change of project administrator and project manager

Any change of project administrator must be immediately reported to the Research Council. Notification is to be given on “My RCN Web” under the menu tab for “Application status” and/or under “Project info/Reports”, and must provide all information requested by the Research Council regarding the individual slated to assume the responsibilities, as well as specify the date for commencement of duties.

Changes of the project manager require the written consent of the Research Council. Requests for a new project manager must be made on “My RCN Web” under the same menu tabs as described above, and must include the name and CV of the desired project manager and the desired date of commencement of duties. A new project manager may be considered approved if the Research Council has not responded within 30 days of receipt of the written request from the Project Owner.

Processing of requests to change the approved project framework 

The Research Council will not send out any notification by email when a request to change the project framework has been received, but the status for the request on “My RCN Web” will be changed to “Received”. An email will be sent when the Research Council needs to have additional information, and as notification that the request has been approved or denied.

The Research Council can ONLY process one change request at a time, but please note that a request may contain multiple proposed changes for the same project.

A list of the five last change requests submitted via “My RCN Web” will be provided.


Progress and final reports 

If a progress report/final report has been published prior to the submission of a change request, the change request must be reviewed and approved before the progress report/final report may be re-published to incorporate the updated project information.



Please contact your case officer at the Research Council if you have any questions regarding changes to the approved project framework and/or project reports. The name of your contact person is provided in previous letters and emails with the Research Council, as well as on “My RCN Web”. 

Please send any questions regarding the new function to