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The Research Council's awards

The Research Council bestows five prestigious awards on researchers and innovators each year: three Awards for Young Outstanding Researchers, the Award for Excellence in Communication of Science and the Innovation Award.

Individuals and members of the research community are invited to submit nominations for the awards (see the Norwegian page). The annual deadline for submission of nominees is publicised on the Research Council website and through a variety of other channels.

The Awards for Young Outstanding Researchers

The Research Council's Awards for Young Outstanding Researchers are awarded in the following categories:

  • Humanities and social sciences
  • Medicine, health sciences and biology
  • Mathematics, natural science and technology

The Research Council's awards for young outstanding researchers reward high scientific merit, independence and innovative thinking, and are intended to motivate prize recipients at an early stage in their careers to expand their efforts and continue to pursue a career in research. Each award comprises a cash prize of NOK 500 000. Candidates will be selected on the basis of documented results.

See Statutes for the RCN Awards for Young Outstanding Researchers

The Award for Excellence in Communication of Science

The Research Council’s Award for Excellence in Communication of Science is given to a researcher who has demonstrated outstanding ability and innovation in communicating the results of his or her research. The award may also be granted in connection with exemplary efforts to promote Norwegian research or knowledge about the significance of research to society.

The award is intended to reward the use of original, creative communication measures, and the initiative must be directed toward the general public. The award may be granted for all types of dissemination through all types of media, and for activities that have taken place over time or as a specific effort. It comprises a cash prize of NOK 500 000, and may be conferred for communication in connection with ongoing or completed research activity.

The Innovation Award

The Research Council's Innovation Award is given to a business or public entity that has demonstrated an outstanding ability to apply research results and exceptional innovative capacity. The winner must have contributed to value creation - in either a commercial or a social sense.

The Research Council is seeking to highlight Norway's innovation champions, and thereby encourage others to pursue research-based innovation activities.

Eligible candidates for the Innovation Award are businesses or public sector organisations that have or have had support from the Research Council's user-driven innovation programmes. A jury consisting of both internal and external members selects the winner. The award comprises a cash prize of NOK 500 000.

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