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Statutes for the Research Council Awards for Young Outstanding Researchers

1. The Research Council's Awards for Young Outstanding Researchers are awarded in the following categories:

  • Humanities and social sciences
  • Medicine, health sciences and biology
  • Mathematics, natural science and technology

These awards are intended to reward high scientific merit, independence and innovative thinking at an early stage in the researcher’s  career. They are designed to motivate young researchers to expand their efforts. They are part of a targeted focus on young researchers, and as such are meant to serve as a source of inspiration. 

2. The awards will be given to one or more persons who have demonstrated great potential to succeed as independent researchers and who have been shown to possess unique talents as researchers.

3. The awards are open to young researchers in any subject or discipline, including interdisciplinary research. The awardees will be selected on the basis of documented results.

4. The awardees must not be older than 38 at the time of the award. When calculating age, time will be subtracted for statutory leaves of absence, compulsory military service or consecutive long-term sick leave lasting more than eight weeks. All such leaves of absence must have taken place after the candidate turned 18 years of age.

5. The awardees must be, and have been, employed by a Norwegian research institution the past two years.

6. Each award comprises a cash prize of NOK 500 000. The prize money must be used for research activity or further qualification for research activity.

7. The nomination process will be publicly announced. Individuals are not permitted to nominate themselves. In most circumstances, it is not possible to nominate Members of the Research Council Executive Board for the awards. A detailed justification and CV for each nominee must be provided. The justification should be based on the criteria listed in items 1–3 above.

8. The list of nominees is exempted from public disclosure.

9. The awardees are selected by a jury that has been appointed by the Research Council Executive Board. Jury members serve for a term of three years. In the event that the jury does not find any candidates who satisfy the criteria, it may decide to refrain from conferring one or more of the awards for that year.

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