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Service declaration and environmental policy

The Research Council has drawn up a service declaration vis-à-vis users and a specific policy to ensure that the organisation operates in an environment-friendly manner.

Service declaration

This document aims to increase satisfaction with the Research Council's services, and is based on the organisation's target groups and their various needs. According to the declaration, the Research Council will:

  • deal with all enquiries with interest and respect;
  • provide good access to relevant information;
  • practice transparency regarding its work methods;
  • employ easily understandable, sound application procedures and decision-making processes;
  • give clear, understandable feedback within established deadlines;
  • act as a professional partner and foster cooperation among stakeholders within the research establishment;
  • provide effective services of equally high quality from all aspects of the organisation.

More information about the service declaration is available in Norwegian on the Research Council's website.

Environmental policy

This policy relates to the Research Council's roles as research policy adviser, funder and meeting place for stakeholders within the research establishment, and seeks to promote an organisational culture that gives due consideration to key environmental concerns. The most important areas are:

  • procurements;
  • energy use;
  • travel and transport;
  • waste management.

More information about the environmental policy is available in Norwegian on the Research Council's website.

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