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Roadmaps for bilateral research cooperation with priority partner countries

The Research Council of Norway has drawn up roadmaps for cooperation with eight priority countries outside of the EU/EEU: Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa and the US.

The roadmaps are intended to help to strengthen Norwegian cooperation with the eight priority countries and direct the focus of these efforts.

The roadmaps:

  • summarise the current status of research cooperation with each of the countries;
  • describe the research systems of the various countries as well as their strengths and weaknesses as research nations;
  • describe the fields and instruments that will be especially relevant for research cooperation with the priority countries in the coming years.

Research and innovation areas with special potential for cooperation with Brazil are petroleum, renewable energy, climate and the environment, marine research, bioeconomy/food, and cultural/social issues.  Roadmap for research cooperation with Brazil PDF - 542 KB

CanadaNorway and Canada have similar research profiles and fields of specialisation, with extensive cooperation in a number of areas. Key areas of interest they share include Arctic and polar research, fisheries and aquaculture, oil and gas, and research on climate and the environment.  Roadmap for research cooperation with Canada PDF - 1,2 MB

Norway’s bilateral research cooperation with India is primarily targeted towards mathematics, natural science and technology disciplines. Cooperation may be expanded to other areas in the future, such as social science and the humanities. Roadmap for research cooperation with India PDF - 1,1 MB  

Renewable energy and other environment-friendly energy technology are important areas of cooperation. Both Norway and Japan give priority to research on the use of nanotechnology in areas such as energy, the environment and climate change, health and medical technology, and natural resources.  Roadmap for research coopertion with Japan PDF - 949 KB

The following research areas have been identified as promising for productive cooperation with China: climate, the environment and environmental technology; energy; aquaculture; agriculture; polar research; social science and the humanities.  Roadmap for cooperation on research and education with China (English) PDF - 658 KB

Russia is an important priority country for Norway, especially in terms of the countries’ common strategic interests in the northern areas. The following research fields are especially relevant for cooperation: polar research, marine research, petroleum, social science and the humanities, health, nuclear physics, space research, nanotechnology, aquaculture and marine technology.  Roadmap for research cooperation with Russia PDF - 530 KB

South Africa
The areas of science, technology and innovation with special potential for cooperation with South Africa are climate and the environment, medicine and health, marine and aquatic research, the maritime sector, biotechnology, polar and space research, peace and conflict research, and development research.  Roadmap for cooperation on Research and Higher Education with South-Africa PDF - 1,2 MB

Norwegian and US researchers already cooperate extensively. Global challenges such as climate change, the environment, security, health, energy, biodiversity and food resources, as well as polar and space research, should be given a central role in expanded cooperation between Norway and the US. Social science research should be given priority as well.

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