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Research funding in 2019: New application requirements, assessment criteria and assessment process

Starting in 2019, the Research Council will be making some changes to its application requirements and assessment criteria and introducing more coordinated procedures for processing grant applications across the different funding instruments.

Are you looking for the “open-ended” calls for proposals for activities such as the SkatteFUNN R&D tax incentive scheme, Industrial Ph.D. scheme, Public Sector Ph.D. scheme or Personal Overseas Research Grants that are normally available?

From 10 April (5 April for the open-ended calls) until roughly 15 May, all calls for proposals published on our webpages will be taken down in connection with the launch of our new website at the end of April. During this period you will not be able to submit or create new grant applications, but you may continue to work on any existing applications in "My RCN Web" that have not yet been submitted. Once the new system for calls for proposals and application types are in place, you will need to create a new application form under the relevant call for proposals, and copy the content from the existing form into the new one.

​Application deadlines for research organisations in 2019:

10 April

Researcher Projects, Young Research Talents and Mobility Grants: The FRIPRO funding scheme and 22 programmes had calls for proposals.

Collaboration Projects on Societal Challenges and Business Development: The following programmes had calls for proposals: BIONÆR, FINNUT, HELSEVEL, KLIMAFORSK, MILJØFORSK, POLARPROG, PROFESJON and TRANSPORT.





Knowledge-Building Projects for Industry

Are to contribute to industry-oriented researcher training and long-term competence development within topics that are crucial to the development of business and industry.

  • ​Projects are carried out by one or more research organisations in binding cooperation with relevant actors from Norwegian trade and industry.
  • Partners that carry out economic activity must contribute funding for the research activities conducted at the research organisation(s).

The following programmes are planning to issue calls for proposals: ENERGIX, CLIMIT, MAROFF and PETROMAKS2.

More information about calls for proposals for this application type


Other application types and deadlines in 2019:








Innovation Projects

R&D projects that are to promote increased value creation and renewal in trade and industry and the public sectors.

Call for proposals for Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector

Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector are to generate research activities in companies that will lead to innovation and sustainable value creation in Norwegian trade and industry.
The following programmes are planning to issue calls for proposals for Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector: BIA, BIONÆR, CLIMIT, ENERGIX, HAVBRUK2 MARINFORSK, MAROFF2, NANO2021 and PETROMAKS2.

Call for proposals for Innovation Projects for the Public Sector

Innovation Projects for the Public Sector are to generate research activities in the public sector that will promote innovation within the sector and sustainable value creation for its users.
The following programmes are planning to issue calls for proposals for Innovation Projects for the Public Sector: FINNUT, FORKOMMUNE, HELSEVEL, Transport 2025, FORSTAT and IKTPLUSS.

Commercialisation Projects 

Are to promote commercialisation of R&D results from publicly-funded research in Norway.
  • Eligible applicants include publicly-funded research institutions, Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) representing publicly funded Norwegian research organisations and affiliated start-ups. Projects must be based wholly or partly on results and ideas from research conducted at a publicly funded Norwegian research organisation. 
  • Typical activities involve clarifying application and market potential; testing the concept, technology or prototype; “proof of concept”; demonstration; developing a business model; securing patent rights and establishing contact with potential customers and users. Funding will cover up to 100 per cent of the costs for the project.
  • Project partners may be research organisations (including TTOs), private or public sector entities, or other Norwegian or international actors (provided they are represented in Norway and have a business enterprise number) with the exception of individuals and sole proprietorships.
The following programmes are planning to issue calls for proposals: FORNY2020, BIOTEK2021, BIONÆR, IKTPLUSS, NANO2021, MAROFF, Transport 2025 and SAMANSVAR.

Centre Scheme Funding

Is to strengthen and further develop elite, creative research and innovation groups by means of targeted, long-term investment. 

A call for proposals under the scheme for Centres for Research-driven Innovation (SFI) is planned.

Coordination and Support Activities

Are to fund measures that contribute to coordination, planning, publication, dissemination and mobility in connection with R&D activities, as well as to networks and national and international collaboration between researchers, institutions and companies.

Approximately 40 calls for proposals have been planned. In 2019, most programmes and activities are planning to issue calls for Coordination and Support Activities with an open-ended deadline, but some will have an application deadline of 25 September. Currently active open-ended calls for proposals will be taken down on 5 April and re-issued in mid-May. 


An application deadline of 20 November 2019 has also been set, and we will provide more information about potential calls on our new website.

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