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Publication grants for scientific journals

The publication grants are designed to ensure that relevant, periodic national publication channels are available in the social sciences and humanities. The scheme seeks to enhance the scientific merit of the publications and ensure that important research findings are disseminated to a scientific audience.

Application deadline 

Funding for the production of scientific journals is announced once per year: 
- March/April

The final deadline dates may vary from year to year, and applicants are therefore encouraged to refer to the funding announcements  on the Research Council's website.

Who is eligible to apply? 

  • Publishing houses that publish scientific journals
  • The editorial management of scientific journals
  • Scientific associations that publish a journal

These grants are only available to Norwegian journals Open Access journals within the humanitites and social sciences.

What do the grants cover?

  • Production costs in connection with the publication of periodic scientific publications, such as journals and yearbooks. This covers a maximum of 50% of journal operating expenses.
  • A lump-sum payment to cover additional costs for transition to Open Access publishing. The grant applies only to journals that receive funding from the Research Council in 2016. Journals can only receive this grant once.

Grant applications must include the following: 

Grant applications must be submitted using the Research Council’s electronic application system. In order for an application to be considered, the following documents must be attached to the electronic application in pdf-format:

  • Form for the Project Description for a Scientific Journal / Application for Switch to Open Access. These forms may be accessed from a link on the webpage for the funding announcement.
  • The Research Council’s Form for Calculating Funding for a Scientific Journal. The form may be accessed from a link on the webpage for the funding announcement.
  • Copy of the contract signed with the publisher, if the journal is published by a publishing house on behalf of the journal’s owner.
  • Journals and scientific yearbooks that have not received funding in recent years or that are first-time applicants must attach information about the publication’s objectives, authors’ guidelines, editor(s) (including academic degree and position title), any editorial councils, peer-review schemes and institutional affiliation.
  • For first-time applications for grants for journals, an assessment will be made of the need for the journal in the subject area concerned. Applicants should therefore explain under "Other information" in the project description which related Norwegian and Nordic journals already exist and how the new journal is different from these.

For new applicants: If the journal is not available Open Access, the Research Council must be given reader access to the journal online or receive three copies of the two most recent volumes of the journal by mail.

Journal requirements

  • The objective of the journal must be to publish original articles of high scientific quality and to be registered as a scientific publication channel at level 1 or level 2 in the Norwegian Association of Higher Education’s list of scientific publication channels (
  • The journal must be Open Access, i.e. the content is made available free of charge on the journal's website immediately upon publication.
  • The journal must have a scientific basis in an institution, such as an association, foundation or institute subject to national audit requirements.
  • The journal must have an editor and editorial board with research expertise that is appointed for a limited time period as well as a diverse national and, when relevant, international editorial council that is responsible for the journal’s policies.
  • Journals that receive funding from the Publications Committee must enter into a contract with the journal’s contributors regarding their right to self-archive in open archives, in keeping with "The Research Councilâ??s Principles for Open Access to Scientific Publications" adopted by the Executive Board in January 2009.
  • Journals that receive funding from the Publications Committee must register their open access policy in the SHERPA/RoMEO-database.
  • When the Research Council provides funding for the publication of a scientific journal, the grant may not be used to cover wages, royalties or other payments to the authors or editors.
  • The journal must attempt to gain the greatest possible readership within its research community through planned, targeted measures. The size of the active readership can be documented with subscription figures (up to 2016)or registered relevant Internet traffic.

Amount and duration of funding

Funding may be sought for expenses related to the editorial, translation and copyediting, and design and layout processes according to the rates found in the Research Council’s Form for Calculating Funding for a Scientific Journal. If publishing the manuscript requires additional equipment, illustrations and the like due to the scientific content, this may be calculated according to the rate for "illustrated publication". Funding may also be sought in connection with illustration rights and the like. The science-based need for additional equipment, etc. must be explained in the project description.

There is no limit on the number of periods or years that a journal may receive funding. However, journals that receive funding are expected to make a concerted effort to improve the journal’s financial base.

Conditions for publication grants

  • Upon publication and in references to the publication, it must be mentioned that the project has received funding from the Research Council of Norway.


The Research Council conducts routine bibliometric evaluations of the journals’ portfolio. The evaluations are based on data submitted by the journals as well as on data provided by Database of Statistics on Higher Education (DBH). Qualitative referee assessments of the journals will be obtained regularly on request from the Publications committee.

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