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Publication grants for scientific books

These publication grants are designed to ensure that important research findings that would be presented most effectively in the form of a monograph or anthology are published by national and international academic publishing houses.

Application deadline

The final deadline dates may vary from year to year, and applicants are therefore encouraged to refer to the funding announcements  on the Research Council's website.

Who is eligible to apply? 

Applications will be accepted from recognised, scientific publishing houses in Norway and abroad, cf. the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institution’s register of authorised publication channels (

Grants are not restricted to the publication of projects funded under the Research Council.

What do the grants cover?

Funding may be sought for the first-time publication of scientific books in the humanities and social sciences.

Funding may be awarded for any of the following:

  • Costs incurred by the publisher in connection with the publication of a scientific book – a monograph or anthology – that will be published nationally or internationally. Anthologies must consist of a thematically unified compendium of articles of high scientific quality. The compendium must include an introduction that discusses the cohesiveness of and connection between the articles.
  • International publication of a doctoral thesis by a recognised international publishing house. The thesis must be adapted into book form. 
  • Expenses for the translation of a scientific book which, for scientific reasons, should be published internationally and which has been accepted for publication in an international language. Grants will normally only be awarded for translation into a single foreign language, preferably one of the major world languages.

Grant applications must include the following: 

Grant applications must be submitted using the Research Council’s electronic application system.

In order for an application to be considered, the following documents must be attached to the electronic application in pdf-format:

  • Information Form for Publication Grants for a Scientific Book, which contains a synopsis of the manuscript, an editorial assessment of the manuscript, comments on the external scientific assessment(s), a market assessment, and a plan for further work with the publication (a link to the form is available on the webpage for the funding announcement). 
  • The Research Council’s Form for Calculating Funding for the Publication of a Scientific Book (a link to the form is available on the webpage for the funding announcement).
  • A minimum of one referee assessment obtained by the publishing house in connection with the development of the manuscript. The peer review process must satisfy the usual requirements regarding impartiality and confidence, and the referee(s) must have research competence relevant to the topic of the manuscript. Information about the identity and scientific background of the referee(s) must be provided to the Research Council. The applicant must state whether the manuscript has been changed after the assessment(s) were obtained and whether/how any recommendations by the referee(s) is being/will be followed up. 
  • CVs of the author(s)/editor(s). 
  • For grant applications for the publication by an international publishing house of an adapted doctoral thesis, the evaluation committee’s assessment and a description (maximum one page) of the changes made to the manuscript must be attached.
  • For grant applications for the publication of an anthology a list of contents with name and institutional affiliation of the contributor must be attached.

Manuscript requirements

To be eligible for grants for publication in book form, the manuscript must maintain a high scientific standard and have relevance for the research field. The text must be adapted, complete and contain relevant lists and indexes. Any use of illustrations must be explained.

Amount and duration of funding

Funding may be sought for expenses related to the editorial, translation and copyediting, and design and layout processes according to the rates found in the Research Council’s Form for Calculating Funding for a Scientific Book. If publishing the manuscript requires additional equipment, illustrations and the like due to the scientific content, this may be calculated according to the rate for “illustrated publication”. Funding may also be sought in connection with illustration rights and the like. The science-based need for additional equipment, etc. must be explained in the project description.

Funding is limited to the first 500 copies. The grants do not cover author’s royalties or other costs incurred by the author(s) in connection with the preparation of the manuscript.

The minimum grant amount that may be sought is NOK 25,000.

Conditions for publication grants

  • Upon publication and in references to the publication, it must be mentioned on the publication's colophon page, that the project has received funding from the Research Council of Norway.
  • Books that receive a publication grant must send three free copies of the publication to the publications committee at the Research Council. The Research Council reserves the right to request an additional two copies.

If an applicant permits the manuscript to be published before the Publications Committee has completed its assessment, the application will be considered to be withdrawn.

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