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Primary industry institutes

The primary industry institutes are an important component of the public research system that has been developed to meet the needs of the public administration and primary industries for research-based knowledge.

The institutes cooperate with actors in the primary industries, often sole proprietorships or micro-companies, to define research needs and carry out research activities. The primary research institutes also play a key role in efforts to transfer and apply research-based knowledge in the industries. In addition, they perform wide-ranging administrative tasks on behalf of the public administration within their areas of expertise and responsibility.

Three agricultural research institutes and two fisheries research institutes receive public basic funding via the Research Council of Norway.

These five primary industry institutes are:

Funding for the primary industry institutes is provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. In addition to the basic allocation, several of the institutes receive direct allocations from these ministries for knowledge development, dissemination, preparedness or other tasks defined by the ministries. NIBIO receives strategic funding from the Ministry of Climate and Environment as well.

The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) receives funding for strategic initiatives channelled via the Research Council, while the rest of the basic funding is allocated directly from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.