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PETROMAKS2: Outcome of assessment process with deadline 9.9.2015

The programme board/Expert Committee for PETROMAKS2 has awarded funding to 14 project(s) from among the grant applications submitted under the call for proposals with a deadline of 9.9.2015. A total of NOK 163,7 million was allocated.

Title of call for proposals: 2015 September KPN/FP Petromaks2

Deadline: 9.9.2015
Total funding sought: NOK 779,4 million
Total funding granted: NOK 163,7 million
Total number of grant applications submitted: 75
Kompetanseprosjekt for næringslivet: 34
Forskerprosjekt: 41
Number of grant applications rejected: 2

Distribution of marks for the grant applications

Application type/mark1234567
Kompetanseprosjekt for næringslivet000514150


Programme board/Expert Committee members: Fant ikke behandlende programstyre

The assessment process has been carried out in conformance with the Research Council of Norway's Regulations on Impartiality and Confidence, see

Projects granted funding

Project numberProject titleInstitution/company
255507Durable Arctic Icephobic Materials (AIM)Norwegian University of Science and Technology
255494Implementing gene-based assays on a robotized genosensor for environmental surveillance in offshore marine operationsInternational Institute of Stavanger (IRIS)
255481Multiphase Flow in Concentric and Eccentric Annulus SpacesInstitutt for energiteknikk
255426Improving microbial selective plugging technology through experimentally based modelling and simulationUni Research AS
255418Reduced uncertainty in overpressures and drilling window prediction ahead of the bitSINTEF PETROLEUM AS
255385Fate, behaviour and response to oil drifting into scattered ice and ice edge in the marginal ice zone (MIZ)STIFTELSEN SINTEF
255365Logging Shale Barrier before Well AbandonmentSINTEF PETROLEUM AS
255348Sensors and models for improved kick/loss detection in drilling (Semi-kidd)HØGSKOLEN I TELEMARK
255251Influence of production and EOR chemicals on produced water quality - fundamental knowledge of the fluids for improved PW managementNorges teknisknaturvitenskapelige universitet-NTNU
255229Syn-Rift Plays: Outcrop Analogues and Subsurface ApplicationsUNIVERSITETET I BERGEN
255174New Strategy for Separation of Complex Water-in-Crude Oil Emulsions: From Bench to Large Scale SeparationNTNU FAK FOR NATURVITENSKAP OG TEKNOLOGI
255170Leakage risk assessment for plugged and abandoned oil & gas wellsINTERNATIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF STAVANGER AS
255150Norwegian margin fluid systems and methane- derived carbonate crusts - Recent scientific advances in service of petroleum explorationNorges Geologiske Undersøkelse
254995Intelligent Environmental ReportersINSTITUTT FOR ENERGITEKNIKK


A list of the referees/specialists used to assess grant applications submitted under this funding announcement will be published here:

Contract negotiations will be initiated for all projects granted funding.


Følgende programstyremedlem deltok ikke på møtet: Karin Andreassen, Frode Mellemvik Følgende programstyremedlem fratrådte som inhabil i en eller flere søknader i deler av søknadsbehandlingen: Marion Elisabeth Seiersten, Gunn Mangerud, Per Gerhard Grini