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Open access to publications

Scientific publications based on R&D projects funded wholly or partially by the Research Council are to be made openly accessible to all interested parties as far as possible.

To achieve this objective, the Research Council will work to take full advantage of the potential found in digital media and infrastructure to disseminate and quality assure research results.

It is an important overall research policy objective to ensure that the results of publicly funded research are available to the public. 

Requirement to self-archive in appropriate repositories

Open access to scientific publications entails substantial benefits for society. The Research Council will therefore require that peer-reviewed scientific articles based on research funded wholly or partially by the Research Council are self-archived in appropriate repositories whenever these are available. The requirement to self-archive must not, however, conflict with the author’s academic or legal rights.

Scientific journal articles that meet these requirements must be stored in an open electronic repository, either at the institution with which the researcher is affiliated or in a subject-specific archive. In most cases a post-print version of the article is stored.

If the author has published in a journal that does not permit self-archiving and has not obtained permission from the publisher to do so after having made such a request, the author may be exempted from the self-archiving requirement.

Open access is under continual development, and in the long run may lead to major changes in publication patterns and practices in research and academia. It is crucial that the Research Council’s principles reflect this development and are open to adaptation should circumstances call for it. To ensure that the principles promote the objective of open access to scientific publications at all times, the Research Council will engage in productive dialogue about the principles with relevant institutions and partners.