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Evaluation of the social science institutes

Twenty-two social science institutes have been evaluated by a panel of Nordic experts in 2016. This is part of the Research Council’s plan for evaluating all of the Norwegian research institutes defined within the four categories eligible for public basic funding.

Read and download all the evaluation reports here.

The social science institutes carry out activities across a wide range of social science research fields: work and social policy; health, welfare and education; industrial and regional policy; foreign policy; international conflicts and development; and more.

The evaluation includes the 22 social science institutes that are encompassed by the guidelines for the public basic funding scheme and receive public basic funding via the Research Council.

These institutes are:

Mandate and terms of reference

The evaluation has three overarching objectives, as described in the mandate and terms of reference:

  1. The evaluation will provide a knowledge base for the institutes’ own strategic development efforts. It will therefore focus on the institutes’ potential for improvement and further development. 
  2. The evaluation will help to strengthen the knowledge base for the efforts of the Research Council and the ministries to develop an effective, targeted research institute policy.
  3. e evaluation will provide a basis for assessing the design of the Research Council’s funding instruments for the institute sector.