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Application types

Funding announcements for all Research Council programmes/activities are based on standardised application types. The application type determines which assessment criteria and requirements will apply for grant applications. A list of all the application types used in calls for proposals is available here.

To apply for funding you must first find the relevant call for proposals. A call may incorporate one or more application types.

  • The application type provides a general description of what activities are qualified for funding, what kind of information the grant application should provide and what the assessment process will comprise.
  • The text of a call for proposals provides information on the specific guidelines and requirements that apply to that particular call.

The assessment criteria and requirements specified for the application types "Personal Doctoral Research Fellowship" and "Personal Post-doctoral Research Fellowship" also apply when these positions are an integral part of projects using other application types.

If the general information about the application type deviates from the text of the call, the text in the individual call takes precedence.

State aid rules

Support from the Research Council is considered to be state aid when it is awarded to an “undertaking”, i.e. an actor that carries out an economic activity consisting of offering products or services on a given market. 

Support from the Research Council awarded to research institutions is normally awarded for non-economic activity. Where such entity also pursues economic activities, the financing, the costs and the revenues of those economic activities must be accounted for separately.

Undertakings that fulfil the definition of “undertaking in difficulty” in the state aid rules are not eligible for support from the Research Council. Nor can the Research Council award support to an undertaking which is subject to an outstanding recovery order for state aid that must be repaid. The Research Council therefore requires enterprises to submit a set of declarations PDF - 343 KB in which they indicate the size of the enterprise, confirm that the enterprise is not an “undertaking in difficulty” as defined in the state aid rules, and confirm that the enterprise is not subject to an outstanding recovery order for state aid that must be repaid. The form containing these three declarations must be submitted along with the revised grant application.

Further information about state aid rules

Application types

Researcher Project

Young Research Talents

Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector 

Innovation Project for the Public Sector

Knowledge-Building Project for Industry

Project Establishment Support


Research Institution-Based Strategic Project

Research Infrastructure

Personal Doctoral Research Fellowship

Personal Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

Personal Visiting Researcher Grant

Personal Overseas Research Grant

Personal Mobility Grant

Support for Events

Project Outline

Other Support

Other Support from other Funders (than the Research Council)