Open access to publications

The Research Council is taking steps to ensure that the results of publicly funded research are made as openly accessible as possible for all interested users. Calls for proposals in 2021 will stipulate that articles based on projects funded by the Research Council are to be made immediately accessible.

Open access to scientific publications (Open Access) promotes research and wider use of research findings in society. Open access gives researchers, the business sector and the general public access to the latest knowledge and facilitates rapid application of research results.

New requirements for calls for proposals in 2021

The Research Council has decided to join cOAlition S, the international initiative behind Plan S.

The objective of Plan S is for all research funded by participating organisations to be made immediately and openly accessible. Research articles are to be made available via open access journals, publishing platforms or in open repositories.

Beginning in 2021, the Research Council will include requirements for adherence to Plan S in its calls for proposals.

What is Plan S?

Current open access requirements

At present, the Research Council stipulates the following requirements:

  • All articles from projects funded by the Research Council are to be made available in open repositories. The deadline for doing so is six months after date of publication in journals related to medicine, health, mathematics, natural science or technology. For journals within humanities and social sciences the deadline is 12 months.
  • Storage in relevant repositories will normally be carried out in connection with registering and uploading the complete text via the CRIStin Research Information System.

The Research Council’s Principles for Open Access to Scientific Publications (Norwegian pdf only).

These principles are in keeping with the Government’s National Goals and Guidelines for Open Access to Research Articles.

Support scheme for open access publication

The Research Council Stimulation Scheme for Open Access Publication (STIM-OA) provides support to institutions for activities to make publications openly accessible.

How the STIM-OA scheme works:

  • Institutions may apply for funding to cover costs for open access publication independently of how the research activity was funded.
  • The STIM-OA scheme covers Article Processing Charges in connection with publication in open access journals.
  • The scheme covers up to 50 per cent of the total costs incurred by the institutions, to be disbursed in arrears.
  • The Research Council will not cover publication costs for articles as part of the budget for an individual project.
  • Funding under the scheme will be available through 2022.

More information about Open Access provides more information along with pointers relating to open access in Norway and internationally