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Division for Administrative Affairs

Division for Administrative Affairs provides joint administrative services to the Research Council, offers support to the research divisions and helps to lay the foundation for the best possible overall coordination, management and development of the Research Council as a whole. The division is also responsible for activities in connection with budgeting, annual reports, communication and research statistics.


Executive Director: Tove Karin Stølen

The Division for Administrative Affairs oversees a number of centralised services and processes. Its primary tasks include ensuring that the Research Council has the appropriate administrative and technical infrastructure in place, and providing services to internal and external users. In addition, its efforts are designed to enhance the Research Council as a cohesive, efficient organisation with an emphasis on learning, job fulfilment and good working conditions. Key developmental activities will revolve around the introduction of new electronic working methods and measures to help promote the role of the Council as a teaching organisation. The establishment of Internet-based R&D administrative procedures represents one of the greatest challenges in this context.

The Division for Administrative Affairs consists of six departments and an executive staff. The executive staff provides support to the Research Council management and is responsible for activities such as studies, organisational development measures and secretarial tasks for the Research Council Executive Board and the director's management group.

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