C.2 - Project Management and Reporting in Horizon Europe and H2020


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Project Management and Reporting in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe (1 dag) – Nivå 2

Dette kurset gir en introduksjon til de juridiske forpliktelser man har som deltaker i et EU-prosjekt, og gir tips om gode prosjektledelsesrutiner og verktøy en koordinator kan bruke. Kurset gir også en gjennomgang av periodisk rapportering og sluttrapportering i et prosjekt, både teknisk og økonomisk. Kurset gjennomgår også noen vanlige feil som ofte gjøres i prosjektenes økonomirapportering.

Kurset holdes på engelsk, og kursleder er Europa Media.

Horisont Europa-kursene våre er delt inn i fem overordnede kategorier (A-E) og i tre nivåer (1-3). Les mer om de ulike kursene.


Project Management and Reporting in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe (1-day) – Level 2

This course introduces you to the legal obligations of participants in EU projects, and gives tips on good project management practices and tools that could be used in order to be  good coordinator. The course also takes you through the continuous and final project reporting that needs to be done, both technically and financially. It also shows some common mistakes when doing the financial reporting.

The course language is English, and the course is delivered by Europa Media.

Our Horizon Europe seminars are distributed into 5 topics (A-E) on three knowledge levels (1-3). Read more about the different courses.



08:30 - 09:00 Registration, arrival

09:00 09:30  Event Opening

09:30 – 10:15  The legal obligations – from the GA and CA

Understanding your obligations coming from the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement is the essential first step before your projects start. This presentation will introduce those articles of the GA and sections of the CA that needs to be considered the most during the implementation of your projects: financial clauses, budget distribution and management. Defining Background, Results and IPR issues.

(10:15 – 10:25 Short break)

10:25  11:00  Essential tools and “weapons” of a top-notch coordinator

Having a good management system supported by clear and practical tools will enable you to efficiently deliver your project results. We will show you the essential tools that we crafted based on our extensive experience with managing projects and various consortia: Internal technical and financial report; Budget monitoring; IP management, Data management, assessing the D&C activities of the partners.

(11:00– 11:10 Break for a coffee)

11:10 15:00 Reporting from A-Z: Continuous reporting, Periodic Report, Final Report and the Review meeting

Let’s connect the dots. Good CA, effective monitoring tools, well planned D&C and a good basic knowledge of your partners in finances is essential for a smooth reporting. In this session, we will introduce the main steps and the responsibilities of the partners in the Continuous Reporting; when and how the internal reporting should be completed to be able to identify “problems”.

Detailed introduction on how to prepare the periodic technical and financial reports: what to and how to report, irregularities and deviation management, internal quality assurance, tips for effective internal management of your partners and their reporting obligations.

EU assessment of the periodic report: typical mistakes in the periodic report. Showcase of a real HEU periodic report, suspension of the payment deadline letters. In this presentation, we will give you tips on how to be prepared for the review meeting.

Part 1: Reporting obligations: Continuous Reporting and Internal Reporting

(12:00– 12:45 Lunch break)

12:45 – 14:00 Part 2: Reporting obligations: Periodic Report – Technical and Financial Report, EU assessment of the Periodic Report; Final Report

                       Technical Reviews

                        Changes in Horizon Europe

14:00 - 15:00 Workshop: Typical mistakes in the Internal reports

                       Participants will analyse several financial reports to find typical errors and calculation mistakes.

15:00          Remaining questions, end of course


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