20. jun

B.1 - EU R&I Proposal Writing: the first steps


20. juni 2022 09.00 - 15.00


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16. juni kl. 15.00

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EU R&I Proposal Writing: the first steps (1 day) – Level 1

Kurset gir et innblikk i hva som kjennetegner et vellykket forsknings- og innovasjonsprosjekt i EU, hva som må gjøres i forberedelsesfasen, og forklarer de enkelte partneres ansvar og oppgaver i prosjektet. Vi kommer inn på hvordan man bygger et godt konsortium, de ulike trinnene i søknadsskriveprosessen og hvordan man best kan lede et søknadsutviklingsløp fram til innlevering 


This course helps you understand the key success features of EU research and innovation projects, which preparatory steps to take, and explains the tasks and responsibilities of the partners. The course also covers how to build a winning consortium, the steps in proposal writing and how to smoothly lead a proposal to submission. At the end of the course there will be a practical exercise.

The course language is English, and the course is delivered by Europa Media.



09:00 – 09:15 Registration

09:15 – 09:45 Event Opening

09:45 – 10:15 What makes a Horizon Europe proposal successful?

Introduction to the key success features of EU research and innovation projects. What are the steps, what are the tasks and responsibilities of a partner and the coordinating organisation? Best and worst practices will help highlighting how a successful or bad project looks like.

(10:15 – 10:25 Short Break)

10:25 – 11:15 Building a winning consortium

• Build the most suitable consortium for your next EU project.
• What are the key aspects to consider while building up your partnership?
•  Your tools to find the right partners: searching facilities, networks, events and more.
• Maintaining partnerships and connections in the long run.
• Tips on networking events and virtual networking to be prepared in these times.
• Understand the winning consortium characteristics in Horizon Europe.

(11:15 – 11:30 Short Break)

11:30 – 12:15 Key steps in proposal writing

- With an Introduction to the Funding and Tenders Portal

Proposal writing steps – key elements, templates to consider – what to discuss and when. Intro to the tools and procedures set up by the European Commission.

(12:15 – 13:00 Lunch Break)

13:00 – 13:30 How to smoothly lead a proposal to submission?

  • How to distribute the writing of the proposal amongst the key partners 
  • How to effectively mobilise your partners to unleash their full potential in terms of their input to the proposal and mobilisation of their resources 
  • What are the key proposal sections that require input to be gathered and consolidated from all partners?
  • How to make sure that your partners provide you with accurate data and input for the budget

(13:30 – 13:40 Technical Break)

13:40 - 14:50 Exercise: Practicing the very basic tools

Under the moderation of trainers, participants work in groups on putting together work packages, Gantt charts, pert diagrams – understand the concept development procedure.

14:50 - 15:00 Remaining quesitons, end of course


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