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Future North

This project will map and document landscapes of change. Our hypothesis is that the circumpolar North provides a unique laboratory for studying rapid changes in geo-topology, urban topologies, and social typologies due to a potent geopolitical situation a rising from the new extraction opportunities that climate change and internationalization offers. As a basis for understanding the complex discourses emerging on northern territories, the project will identify and study competing accounts of landscape in the circumpolar North, as well as landscape practices and social agencies that contribute to shape the landscape of the North. Sensitivity to coexisting and potentially contrasting landscape perceptions is necessary for formulating good policies for a sus tainable development. The project seeks to complement the insufficient representation of landscape in various discourses on the North, including the Norwegian Government?s white paper on the High North.Since the 1960s the discipline of landscape archite cture has created new knowledge of territorial situations by inventive mapping techniques employing aerial perspectives and satellite imagery. This project is mapping material landscapes from the perspective of being immersed in them and the social practi ces that inform them and are informed by them. We will engage local partners and communities in order to map their relation to their environment and with the explicit aim to let our work refer back to and encourage local empowerment in the face of heavy e conomical and industrial forces in the arctic. We also aim to turning results and new tools back into the general discourse on landscape documentation. Operative notions of landscape as productive fields and beautiful scenery will be under scrutiny in rel ation to a notion of landscape as informing and taking form from social practices. Researchers based in the North are involved, and a solid network with Canadian and US researchers has been established.

Janike Kampevold Larsen
01.04.2013 - 30.09.2016