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Solar Energy in Living Environments

Silver contains two major activities. Integration of new polymer based solar collectors into the building envelope requires cooperation between the solar industry and the building industry in order to identify the optimal interface in terms of architectu ral design, performance, degree of substitutions of conventional building elements, mounting techniques, economy, building physics etc. Aventa will carry out this research project in collaboration with OBOS, and implement the results in actual buildings a nd follow up with an adequate monitoring program. One aspect is a comparative study of the performance and cost comparison between a solar heated building and an identical building equipped with an air-water heat pump.The second part of SILVER concerns the partnership of Aventa in the extended IEA-SHC, Task 39 project. Aventa owns one of the key technologies on which this taskforce is based, and further development together with the international partners will be extremely valuable for the continued pro gress of Aventa. Of practical interest for Aventa are: (1)A continued research on advanced high performance polymer materials as absorber materials allowing combination with the state of the art selective coatings developed for solar collectors, and fo r application of the technology of the climatic harsh, but growing solar thermal markets in the emerging countries.(2)Comparative studies of the costs and environmental impacts of polymer concepts and conventional solar systems through a full life cycle assessment (total cost accounting approach)(3)Development of self-driven (thermosyphon) concepts based on the "Aventa-technology" for introduction in emerging markets (Africa, South America and Asia).

John Bernhard Rekstad
Stort program energi
01.01.2011 - 31.12.2014
Teknologi/Maskinfag/Maskintekn. energi- milj.tekn.