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Violence and child rights in Brazil: Can the cycle of violence be broken?

The proposed study aims at examining the impact of exposure to different types of violence (domestic, school and community) in the lives of Brazilian children. It will also ascertain what types of care children exposed to violence are receiving from exist ing agencies. An Epidemiological Study will collect relevant longitudinal information from a community-based probability sample of children living in Itaboraí City, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A linked Qualitative Study will gather unique information on viole nce and service utilization from youth, parents and service providers. Of particular interest is the impact of a specific child rights based approach (Guardianship Councils) currently disseminated in Brazil and possibly acceptable by other Latin American countries. Ultimately our goal is to use the international collaboration and empirical data resulting from this effort to propose how a child rights based approach (like the one that uses Guardianship Councils) can buffer the impact and/or prevent the dev elopment of violent behaviors in children.The study will be carried out by a collaboration between Tromso University, Norway (Dr. Ronning, Dr. Sourander and Dr. Jenssen), Universidade Federal de São Paulo [UNIFESP], Brazil (Dr. Bordin), Universidade Fede ral do Rio de Janeiro [UFRJ] and Columbia University, USA (Dr. Duarte). The study field work will be carried out by IBOPE, Brazil, one of the most prestigious research poll agencies in the country. This collaboration will produce original high quality da ta about how local resources can counteract the impact of exposure to violence on Brazilian youth. The Brazilian research team will benefit from the expertise of Norwegian investigators on school violence, service use and the long tradition of using Right s based approach. For the Norwegian team this is a unique opportunity to learn about the existing child-related resources in Brazil and to support the expansion of care for those exposed to violence within an exi

John A. Rønning
01.08.2010 - 31.12.2015