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Conceptions of centre and periphery and the transforming power of mobility

The 'new mobilities' and their relevance for place development in the periphery is the theme of this project. Its theoretical approach is based on an integration of sociological and geographical perspectives. A number of case studies based on a common res earch design as well as discourse analysis and quantitative questionnaires are the methodological approaches to the study. The increased interaction between centre and periphery, urban and rural in the wake of the establishment of second homes provides ne w challenges and opportunities to peripheral municipalities. We will investigate how mobility contributes to business development and area planning, and how it affects the provision of public services. We will further analyse whether these mobilities infl uence identity formation, and, in particular what kind of strategies local administrations employ to assure the participation of their part-time population. The theoretical implications of this dynamic, particularly for the formation of adequate policies. is of central interest in this project. An integrated team of 8 researchers from Centre of Rural Research (CRR) and Adgerforskning will implement the project. CRR will be contract partner for the Norwegian Research Council. The research manager is Prof. Reidar Almås. Dr. J.O. Bærenholdt (Roskilde University), Dr. Linda Cheshire (Central Queensland University) and Dr. Keith Halfacree (University of Wales) will participate in the reference group.

Winfried Ellingsen
01.07.2007 - 28.02.2011

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