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Preparing for a rainy day: Configuring climate science for future society

The project will investigate how climate change issues are being understood and appropriated in different strategically important sectors of society, both on local, regional and national level and with a broad geographical diversification. The project wil l focus on climate change management in three important sectors or industries: (1) the physical planning and building sector, (2) the energy industry (excluding oil and gas), and (3) the insurance industry.The project will pursue four sets of research que stions:-What political technologies are already in place regarding climate change management in buildings and physical planning, the energy industry and the insurance industry?-How do relevant actors within these industries translate knowledge about the effects of climate change and how do they domesticate it in their practise? How is scientific practises such as modelling and scenario building transformed into guiding principles for these different areas? -How and by whom are scientific climate knowle dge associated and made relevant and useable? In what way is climate change science mobilised and adjusted in order to meet the needs of these industries? -To what extent is there a viable dialogue between the climate research institutions and the users of climate models and data output? And how is it possible to improve this dialogue, for example by introducing consultation procedures and creating new meeting places to ensure that knowledge about climate change is translated into favourable decisions m aking processes in the future?This will be done in three different ways and three stages: (1) A survey mapping existing plans, strategies and activities related to climate change (2) Qualitative interviews with key actors in physical planning and buildi ng industry, the energy industry and the insurance industry and (3) A case study of five municipalities and their climate change management activities

Knut Holtan Sørensen
Klimaendr.og kons.f.Norge
01.01.2007 - 29.02.2012