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Norwegian interests in the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as national and international commitments, means that we have a particular responsibility to promote knowledge that is necessary to exercise a sound management and business activity in the polar regions.

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  • Arctic seminar with high attention in Delhi

    The seminar “The Arctic: Unfurling Research and policy Perspectives” was organized by the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi in cooperation with the Ministry of Earth Science of India on May 5th.

  • SIOS – Large-scale project for international cooperation on infrastructure in Svalbard to continue

    After four-years of preparations efforts are now underway to launch a new phase of the Svalbard Integrated Earth Observing System (SIOS), the large-scale collaborative research infrastructure project in Svalbard. The objective of the project is to gain a better understanding of the major environmental and climate-related challenges.

  • The RiS Portal: Open access to research in Svalbard

    Arctic research is demanding. Project leaders have to stay updated on on going research activity while planning for new field activities. The planning phase requires hours of browsing journals, submission of formal documents and booking of facilities. If you are conducting research in Svalbard, the improved version of the RiS Portal (Research in Svalbard) has now made your work a lot easier.

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