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BIONÆR/BIONAER is the Research Programme on Sustainable Innovation in Food and Bio-based Industries. The programme will work user-oriented and in a continuous learning mode in order to solve challenges through financing research and innovation promoting the bioeconomy.


  • The Research Council to map out national environmental, climate and polar research

    This autumn the Research Council of Norway will compile an overview of national research activities in environmental, climate and polar research. A high response rate from the research community and relevant companies is essential to providing the authorities with a reliable knowledge base for determining future initiatives.

  • Financing from several research programmes:

    Record amount of funding for researcher schools

    This spring, the Research Council of Norway will announce approximately NOK 325 million in funding for the establishment of new national researcher schools. The application submission deadline is 15 April 2015.

  • New resources – new utilisation:

    Norway to coordinate European marine biotechnology research

    Much of the resources in the oceans are underutilised or not yet discovered. Now Norway has been given the responsibility for coordinating important European research on marine biotechnology.

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