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NANO2021 aims at enhancing the national knowledgebase within nanotechnology and advanced materials to meet high international standards. The programmes main objectives are to develop sustainable technological solutions as basis for innovation and to adress central societal challenges


  • NANO2021

    NANOfutures- Contribute to Nanotechnology Implementation Roadmap!

    NANOfutures, The European Technology Integrating and Innovation Platform on nanotechnology, is currently running a survey as the first step to develop an Implementation Roadmap of 4 selected value chains and their target products.

  • Forskningsnyheter fra NANO2021 finansierte prosjekter

    Flere populærvitenskapelige artikler er nylig publisert på, og

  • NANO2021 and PETROMAKS 2 programmes cooperate:

    Nanotechnology to recover stubborn oil

    Two new research projects are receiving funding from the Research Council of Norway to develop nanoparticles that can dislodge oil that remains trapped in reservoirs after conventional recovery has been completed. Every percentage point of enhanced oil recovery rate represents billions in revenues.

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  • About the programme

    The Programme NANO2021 aims at enhancing the national knowledgebase within nano-technology and advanced materials, including nano-science and micro-technology, to meet high international standards. New sustainable technologies shall lay the foundation for business development and solutions for key societal challenges.