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NANO2021 aims at enhancing the national knowledgebase within nanotechnology and advanced materials to meet high international standards. The programmes main objectives are to develop sustainable technological solutions as basis for innovation and to adress central societal challenges


  • NANO2021

    New generation of researchers making their mark

    The large-scale projects funded under the Large-scale Programme on Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (NANO2021) employ a number of doctoral research fellows and post-doctoral researchers. Six young researchers working on the FOXCET project are travelling to three continents to establish networks with leading research groups.

  • Better quality nanomedicine

    Norwegian research groups are in the process of developing new cancer medicine based on nanoparticles. The quality of the final product depends on a broad understanding of all the implications of nanoparticles.

  • New industrial wonder material being developed in Norway

    The ceramic proton conductor is rapidly emerging as industry’s next “wonder material”. Norwegian researchers are world leaders in the field and the first industrial enterprise to introduce it to the market will have its roots in Norway.

  • Nanotechnology can double the lifetime of tensioning

    Hydraulic tensioning systems for subsea risers in the petroleum industry have a short shelf life and replacing parts is costly. Norwegian researchers are seeking ways to extend the lifetime of these systems and increase profitability.

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  • About the programme

    The Programme NANO2021 aims at enhancing the national knowledgebase within nano-technology and advanced materials, including nano-science and micro-technology, to meet high international standards. New sustainable technologies shall lay the foundation for business development and solutions for key societal challenges.