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The Research Council has established a new programme to facilitate Indian-Norwegian Cooperation. The INDNOR-programme will be realised through thematic research programmes. At start-up there is a generic call (INDNOR) and a joint call with the dep. of Science and Technology in India (JOINTINDNOR).


  • Norwegian-Indian research cooperation moving forward

    India’s new ambassador to Norway recently visited the Research Council of Norway to discuss the steadily expanding research collaboration between the two countries. Areas of potential cooperation include polar and health research, agriculture/the bioeconomy and energy.

  • INNO INDIGO joint call

    The INNO INDIGO Partnership Programme is glad to pre announce its 2015 EU-India Joint Call for proposals on “Diagnostics and interventions in chronic non-communicable diseases”.

  • Arvid Hallén visits Dehli

    The director of the Research Council of Norway visited Delhi during the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit. The Embassy had a chat with this busy man on what the Research Council is doing in India and why India is so important to them .

  • Help the Norwegian Government's "Visjon2030"-initiative

    The Government of Norway has launched an innovation initiative to solve global health and educational challenges. Submit your ideas on how to achieve the Government's ambitious goals.

  • Promoting global access to water:

    Research that holds water

    Water is a vulnerable resource coming under increasing pressure in many parts of the world. The Research Council of Norway is providing funding to a number of research projects seeking to solve challenges related to the supply and quality of water.

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