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The Research Council has established a new programme to facilitate Indian-Norwegian Cooperation. The INDNOR-programme will be realised through thematic research programmes. At start-up there is a generic call (INDNOR) and a joint call with the dep. of Science and Technology in India (JOINTINDNOR).


  • 20 mill NOK for Indo-Norwegian cooperation on energy research

    India and Norway have launched a joint call for bilateral Indo-Norwegian research projects, aiming to achieve world-class scientific results.

  • India - EU workshop on CZM

    INDIA-EU Workshop III on coastal zone management and impact on society. 06 - 09 October 2014 in Cochin, India.

  • Brighter village life with solar energy

    More than one billion people live in areas without electricity. Solar energy can make daily life brighter for many. New research will contribute to better models for well-functioning small-scale solar energy installations.

  • Cooking using the sun as fuel

    The hunt for cooking fuel is becoming ever more difficult in rural areas in developing countries. Cooking with the sun can make people's lives easier and improve their health.

  • Regulating biodiversity in India and Nepal

    In a world marked by climate change, biodiversity is important for food security. Several international treaties regulate adaptation, access to and sharing of plant genetic resources. However, the treaties must be implemented in the laws of individual countries if they are
    to have an effect.

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