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The French Norwegian Foundation promotes long-lasting French/Norwegian cooperation through the financing of joint R&D projects in which both industry and research institutes/universities are involved with the aim of creating cooperation lasting beyond the project-period.

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  • FNS - next deadline: October 9th, 2015

    Applications should be submitted to the Foundation before October 9th, 2015. The next Board meeting will take place in Norway on November 27th, 2015.

  • Developing new phone camera technology

    In the course of several projects funded by the Research Council of Norway, the company poLight has been developing technology to further improve the quality of images taken with mobile phone cameras, including the ability to capture close-range photos in much sharper focus than is possible at present.

  • Tool-Tech AS: Developing new solutions offshore

    Transforming an idea into a commercial product can be a lengthy process. Funding from the French Norwegian Foundation (FNS) has played a vital role for Tool-Tech AS, a company that designs new instrumentation and equipment for the subsea industry.

  • Norwegian technology to help French shellfish production

    Shellfish cultivation is a large and important industry in Normandy in France, but space is at a premium in the region’s busy coastal areas. The project “Spatial Information System for Aquaculture in Normandy and Norway (SISQUONOR)”, funded by the French-Norwegian Foundation, is applying virtual technology from Norway to help French shellfish producers to identify optimal locations for new cultivation operations.

  • New way to measure pain

    Quantifying patients’ pain more precisely will make it easier to find the optimal way to treat it on an individual basis. This is the concept behind the Pain Monitor project, funded by the French-Norwegian Foundation. The project has developed a new way of thinking about pain management that is attracting major international interest.

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