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Commercialising R&D results (FORNY2020)

Deadline Announcement
The programme does not contain active announcements



Primary objective

The primary objective of the FORNY2020 programme is to increase value creation by ensuring that R&D results from publicly-funded research institutions are brought to the market.

Secondary objectives

  • To generate growth in new and existing companies by selecting and funding projects that are expected to lead to substantial commercial returns or be of some other major benefit to society.
  • To encourage the establishment of professional, efficient and specialised technology transfer offices (TTOs) associated with publicly-funded research institutions.

The programme supports the commercialisation of R&D results generated by researchers and students alike and will promote innovation within all disciplines and business areas as well as in both the public and social sectors. Results may have their origin in publicly-funded research institutions alone or in collaborative projects involving trade and industry.

The programme gives priority to three types of support: proof-of-concept funding; local funding for projects of TTOs; and measures to enhance structure and promote network-building and competence-building at TTOs.

This programme/activity normally accepts grant applications from:

Newly-established companies whose activities are wholly or partially based on intellectual property from publicly-funded research institutions and from Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) representing publicly-funded research institutions.



Overall budget:

NOK 197 million in 2015