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  • New Nordic research programme on gender balance

    The Research Council of Norway will play a key role in a new research programme on gender balance in research and innovation established by NordForsk, the major Nordic research-funding organisation.

    Published: 25.11.2015
  • New research centre on right-wing extremism for University of Oslo

    The Research Council of Norway has allocated NOK 50 million to the University of Oslo to establish a research centre on far-right political extremism.

    Published: 24.11.2015
  • Norway a dynamo in research on the EU

    Norwegian research groups are among Europe’s best when it comes to research on the EU. Three projects have received a total of EUR 7.5 million from Horizon 2020 to study the EU’s role as a global actor.

    Published: 20.11.2015
  • Continued growth in medical and health science research

    Medical and health science research in Norway has increased substantially – by six per cent annually from 1995 to 2013 – according to a new report. This represents the largest real growth in all research fields.

    Published: 17.11.2015
  • Next application deadline: 25 November 2015

    Are you planning to submit a grant proposal to the Research Council for the 25 November deadline? Follow our advice on how to avoid any last-minute glitches.

    Published: 11.11.2015
  • Mobilising for innovation in nanomedicine

    The Research Council of Norway is encouraging a variety of Norwegian research groups to take part in a broad-based dialogue on nanotechnology and the opportunities it holds for medical applications.

    Published: 04.11.2015
  • Rune Andersen becomes counsellor for science and technology in Brazil

    The Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway has assigned Rune Andersen to a new position as counsellor for science and technology in Brazil.

    Published: 29.10.2015
  • Wide-ranging evaluation of Norwegian humanities research

    The Research Council of Norway is launching an in-depth review of research in the humanities in Norway to shed light on the societal impact of research performed in these fields and to identify internationally leading Norwegian research activities and groups.

    Published: 26.10.2015
  • Roadmaps for research cooperation with priority partner countries in place

    The Research Council of Norway has drawn up roadmaps for cooperation with eight priority countries outside of the EU/EEU: Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa and the US.

    Published: 22.10.2015
  • Innovation projects dominate for October deadline

    Of the 663 applications received for the 14 October deadline, a total of 440 were submitted by applicants seeking funding for innovation projects.

    Published: 21.10.2015
  • First INTPART programme funding awarded to 19 research groups

    Outstanding educational and research groups with partners from around the world have won the competition for NOK 70 million under the first call for proposals under the INTPART partnership programme.

    Published: 20.10.2015
  • National budget assigns research and innovation a key role in restructuring

    “In the national budget proposal for 2016 the Government is giving research and innovation a more important role than ever in the restructuring of the Norwegian economy,” says Director General of the Research Council of Norway, Arvid Hallén.

    Published: 08.10.2015
  • NOK 250 million for a new biotechnology centre

    The Research Council of Norway has awarded NOK 250 million in funding under the new biotechnology initiative on digital life for the establishment of a national centre. Six large-scale Researcher Projects will be carried out under the auspices of the centre, with topics spanning from aquaculture to brain research.

    Published: 07.10.2015
  • All seven centres to continue

    All seven Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI) established in 2011 have been given a positive midterm evaluation by panels of international experts.

    Published: 01.10.2015
  • New report on status of Norwegian research and innovation

    More women than men are seeking Ph.D. degrees in Norway, Norwegian research is cited more and more frequently and the number of innovative companies in Norwegian trade and industry is on the rise. These are a few of the findings presented in the 2015 Report on Science & Technology Indicators for Norway.

    Published: 29.09.2015
  • Research Council awards to cancer researcher, lawyer and bioeconomy company

    Cancer researcher Harald Stenmark has received the Research Council of Norway’s Award for Outstanding Research for 2015. The Innovation Award for 2015 went to the bioeconomy company Borregaard, while researcher-lawyer Anine Kierulf received the Award for Excellence in Communication of Science.

    Published: 25.09.2015
  • Nine new Centres for Research-based Innovation launched

    The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the independent research foundation SINTEF are the host institutions for 9 of the 17 new Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI) awarded funding from the Research Council of Norway last year.

    Published: 22.09.2015
  • Input and inspiration-day for doctoral fellows in climate research

    Want to meet other doctoral fellows in climate research? Want some input on how to communicate your research? Want to hear how other doctoral fellows worked to get an ERC Grant? You are invited to The Research Councils input and inspiration-day.

    Published: 17.09.2015
  • One thousand sixty-five grant proposals received for the September deadline

    The Research Council announced close to NOK 2 billion in funding for the 9 September application deadline. The Large-scale Programme for Aquaculture Research (HAVBRUK 2) issued the largest-ever call for proposals in its field.

    Published: 15.09.2015
  • Norwegian companies are seeking more knowledge

    Recent figures show that businesses are increasingly turning to research as a means of improving products and opening up new markets. Thus far this year, the Research Council of Norway has received 29 per cent more applications to the SkatteFUNN tax incentive scheme than at the same time last year.

    Published: 14.09.2015
  • Better financial performance for research institutes in 2014

    A new report shows that nearly all of the research institutes receiving basic funding from the Research Council of Norway improved their operating result in 2014 compared with the previous year.

    Published: 09.09.2015
  • Growth in allocations to policy-oriented programmes, centre schemes and infrastructure

    A complete overview of development trends at the Research Council of Norway in 2014 in areas such as allocations, grant applications received, project management and researcher recruitment is now available.

    Published: 08.09.2015
  • The Research Council to map out national environmental, climate and polar research

    This autumn the Research Council of Norway will compile an overview of national research activities in environmental, climate and polar research. A high response rate from the research community and relevant companies is essential to providing the authorities with a reliable knowledge base for determining future initiatives.

    Published: 08.09.2015
  • Strengthening Norwegian research cooperation with Brazil and South Africa

    The Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway are taking steps to strengthen research cooperation with South Africa and Brazil. The objective is to give Norwegian research groups and companies greater access to international expertise and provide a good framework for participating in projects to advance Norwegian research and industry.

    Published: 04.09.2015
  • Must create a stronger culture for commercialisation

    A new evaluation report concludes that the universities’ Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) have become more professional and expanded their capacity. At the same time the report warns there is great potential value that will remain unrealised if Norway’s universities and university colleges do not do more to strengthen the culture for commercialisation.

    Published: 26.08.2015
  • New aquaculture programme with a stronger focus on industry

    The Research Council of Norway’s new Large-scale Programme on Aquaculture Research (HAVBRUK2) was launched recently at the Aqua Nor international aquaculture trade fair in Trondheim.

    Published: 24.08.2015
  • Research funding under EEA and Norway Grants reaches NOK 1 billion

    One hundred and forty-five research projects in five Eastern and Central European countries have received a total of NOK 1 billion in funding under the EEA and Norway Grants scheme in the period 2009–2014. Norwegian and Icelandic research groups are taking part in all of the projects.

    Published: 14.08.2015
  • Promising Ebola vaccine

    The Research Council of Norway’s Programme for Global Health and Vaccination Research (GLOBVAC) is co-funding testing of a new vaccine against Ebola that is drawing widespread international attention. The research programme has allocated NOK 20 million towards this work.

    Published: 11.08.2015
  • New strategy available in English

    The Research Council of Norway’s new overall strategy – Research for innovation and sustainability –sets out the guidelines and principles for the Research Council’s activities up to 2020. The strategy document is now available in English.

    Published: 03.07.2015
  • NOK 250 million to ICT research and innovation

    The Research Council of Norway invests NOK 250 million in 25 research and innovation projects in the first allocation from "IKTPLUSS", the new major ICT funding initiative.

    Published: 30.06.2015