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  • A boost for basic ICT research

    An additional NOK 54 million has been allocated to Norwegian ICT research through the funding scheme for independent projects (FRIPRO) in cooperation with the new large-scale research programme on ICT (IKT2025).

    Published: 15.04.2014
  • More Norwegian research must lead to innovation

    Norwegian trade and industry must step up its participation in Horizon 2020 and do more to turn research results into innovation, said Norway’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Monica Mæland, at the Research Council of Norway’s Focus on Business Seminar on 8 April. The Research Council has an important role to play.

    Published: 15.04.2014
  • A total of 149 applications received by April application deadline

    Nanotechnology, responsible technology development and strengthening mathematics research were key areas addressed in funding announcements for the April deadline. The Research Programme on Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (NANO2021) received the greatest number of grant applications.

    Published: 14.04.2014
  • Record-setting allocation for research on global health

    The Research Council of Norway has allocated NOK 265 million for projects that will help to raise the health standard of poor people in low- and lower-middle income countries.

    Published: 25.03.2014
  • Norwegian chairmanship moving towards its end

    A new organisation strategy and the launch of the new Eurostars Programme are among the merits of the Norwegian chairmanship of the European innovation organisation EUREKA which will come to an end in June.

    Published: 25.03.2014
  • Changes in the 2014 FRIPRO funding announcements

    Some of the criteria for Young Research Talents and Personal Post-doctoral Research Fellowships under the FRIPRO funding scheme have been revised in the 2014 call for proposals.

    Published: 20.03.2014
  • Government funding to augment private research donations

    Once again, private donations for research may trigger additional contributions from the state. Donations of NOK 3 million or more may be matched by 25 per cent of the amount donated.

    Published: 20.03.2014
  • New way to finance national eInfrastructure

    Norway is about to introduce a new model for investment in and operation of national high-performance computing and storage solutions for research data.

    Published: 20.03.2014
  • Simpler gas distribution using buoyant transfer system

    A new, fully mobile solution for offloading natural gas from ships to land may lead to increased distribution to new markets around the world.

    Published: 17.03.2014
  • New mobility grant under the FRIPRO scheme

    The Research Council of Norway is issuing a call for an entirely new mobility grant for young researchers seeking to work abroad. The grant scheme is open to applicants in all fields and disciplines. The application deadline is 21 May.

    Published: 13.03.2014
  • Keen interest in Ph.D. scheme for the public sector

    Over 200 public institutions and their employees have expressed interest in the Research Council of Norway’s new scheme for doctoral degree education in the public sector.

    Published: 12.03.2014
  • Arctic petroleum research centre launched

    The Research Centre for Arctic Petroleum Exploration (ARCEx) is affiliated with UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø. The centre will generate new knowledge about the exploitation of petroleum resources in the northern areas and the Arctic.

    Published: 06.03.2014
  • Research Council discontinues funding scheme for ERC applicants

    The Research Council of Norway is terminating the funding scheme for researchers whose applications for an ERC grant received a high ranking but were nonetheless turned down.

    Published: 04.03.2014
  • New report provides input for improving research

    What will it take to make Norway one of the world’s leading research nations? A newly released report recommends a simplified set of funding instruments at the Research Council of Norway, better strategic planning at the universities, and less detailed guiding principles from the ministries.

    Published: 03.03.2014
  • Higher tax deductions for R&D

    The Norwegian Government has raised the basis for tax deductions on in-house research and development under the SkatteFUNN Tax Incentive Scheme from NOK 5.5 million to NOK 8 million. In addition, the combined maximum ceiling for costs for in-house and procured R&D has been doubled to NOK 22 million.

    Published: 03.03.2014
  • New momentum for Norwegian polar research

    Norway will continue to strengthen its role as one of the world's leading nations in polar research, states the new policy document for this key research field. The Research Council of Norway is now assigning higher priority to polar activities and charting out a more targeted course of action.

    Published: 28.02.2014
  • JPI Oceans: visit from Norwegian State Secretary

    State Secretary Dilek Ayhan, from the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, visited JPI Oceans on the 20th of February as part of the State Secretary's visit to Brussels with Minister Monica Mæland. The two hour meeting saw constructive dialogue between the State Secretary and the JPI Oceans secretariat.

    Published: 27.02.2014
  • Revolutionary Constitution in the nick of time

    This year Norwegians are celebrating the bicentennial of their Constitution. According to researchers, the point in history when the Constitution was adopted was highly significant for the power conferred on the Norwegian people.

    Published: 20.02.2014
  • Norwegian Constitution research yields answers, sparks questions

    The Research Council of Norway’s initiative in connection with this year’s bicentennial of the Norwegian Constitution comprises eight very different research projects. All of them are yielding new answers as well as prompting new questions about the Constitution and its significance.

    Published: 20.02.2014
  • Celebrating the bicentennial of the Norwegian Constitution

    When the Norwegian national assembly was deciding how to celebrate the bicentennial of our Constitution, they wanted to include a strong element of new knowledge. This was a challenge the Research Council was happy to take on.

    Published: 20.02.2014
  • Tremendous interest in new educational research programme

    The Research Council of Norway received a total of 747 grant applications for the 12 February deadline. Interest in the new Programme for Research and Innovation in the Educational Sector (FINNUT) surpassed all expectations, with an impressive 159 grant applications received.

    Published: 19.02.2014
  • Widespread interest in becoming a Centre for Research-based Innovation

    Up to 14 new Norwegian Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI) will be launched in 2015. The Research Council of Norway has received 57 applications from companies and research groups seeking to attain SFI status.

    Published: 18.02.2014
  • Closer look at technology disciplines

    Relevance to society will be a specific criterion in the Research Council of Norway’s upcoming evaluation of basic research in the technology disciplines.

    Published: 17.02.2014
  • First Norwegian Idea Lab initiative: Four research projects and a researcher network

    Four research projects recently received a pledge of funding from the Research Council of Norway as part of its first Idea Lab initiative (Idélab). The projects range from radically reducing energy consumption in buildings to capturing CO2 with bio-oil as a by-product.

    Published: 13.02.2014
  • New policy for gender balance and gender perspectives in research

    “The Research Council will be a driving force in achieving gender balance and gender perspectives in research,” says Arvid Hallén, Director General of the Research Council of Norway.

    Published: 13.02.2014
  • Educational game captures technology prize

    Kahoot! – a project with funding from the Research Council of Norway – has emerged as the winner of the “Technological achievement of the year” award, bestowed by the Norwegian science magazine, Teknisk Ukeblad.

    Published: 13.02.2014
  • Gold medal skis for all

    For elite cross-country skiers, the search for championship skis is a serious, scientific pursuit. Now, with personalised skis embedded with a microchip, information about the optimal wax zone is at the fingertips of any skier equipped with a smartphone and a simple app. The Norwegian ski manufacturer Madshus has developed both the skis and the SmartSki app.

    Published: 11.02.2014
  • NOK 450 million for Young Research Talent

    Sixty-four young, talented researchers have been awarded a total of NOK 450 million to implement their research projects. The funding will come partly from the ordinary budget of the FRIPRO funding scheme for independent projects and partly from the joint funding initiative for young researchers between the universities and the Research Council of Norway.

    Published: 05.02.2014
  • Norway to coordinate European marine biotechnology research

    Much of the resources in the oceans are underutilised or not yet discovered. Now Norway has been given the responsibility for coordinating important European research on marine biotechnology.

    Published: 05.02.2014
  • New large-scale investment in research in Norwegian companies

    The Research Council of Norway has allocated NOK 454 million in funding over four years to projects within trade and industry via the User-driven Research based Innovation (BIA) programme.

    Published: 03.02.2014