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  • New funding announcement for Centres of Excellence in November

    The Research Council of Norway will be announcing funding for the fourth round of Centres of Excellence (SFF) with an application deadline of 25 November 2015.

    Published: 04.03.2015
  • New funding scheme for open access publication

    The Research Council is seeking to increase publication in open access journals. Research institutions may be granted support for up to half of the costs associated with publication in such journals. The application deadline is 15 April.

    Published: 17.02.2015
  • Norwegian researchers to lead EU technology development for marine monitoring

    A group of researchers from SINTEF ICT in Trondheim has been granted EU funding to develop camera technology that can see two to three times farther under water than is currently possible. Research and industry partners from six other European countries are on the development team.

    Published: 17.02.2015
  • ICT-related applications dominate February deadline

    The Research Council of Norway received 524 grant applications for the 11 February application deadline. Every fourth application was directed to the two calls for proposals under the new initiative on ICT and digital innovation (IKTPLUSS).

    Published: 17.02.2015
  • Nominate candidates for the division research boards

    The Research Council of Norway is seeking nominations for candidates to the four division research boards. The deadline for institutions to submit nominations is 20 February.

    Published: 04.02.2015
  • Satisfied with the Research Council

    A user survey conducted in autumn 2014 shows that grant applicants, recipients and referees feel that the Research Council of Norway is by and large doing a good job. There is a call for a more transparent system that makes it easier to follow the progress of the application process than is the case today.

    Published: 29.01.2015
  • Next application deadline: 11 February 2015

    Are you planning to submit a grant proposal to the Research Council for the 11 February deadline? Follow our advice on how to avoid any last-minute glitches.

    Published: 28.01.2015
  • Record amount of funding for researcher schools

    This spring, the Research Council of Norway will announce approximately NOK 325 million in funding for the establishment of new national researcher schools. The application submission deadline is 15 April 2015.

    Published: 21.01.2015
  • Generating new knowledge for the culture and media sector

    Digitalisation is leading to dramatic changes in the culture and media sector. The Research Council of Norway is announcing funding of NOK 45 million under its new KULMEDIA programme to generate new, important knowledge in this area.

    Published: 13.01.2015
  • First funds from IKTPLUSS

    A record NOK 110 million was awarded to eight Researcher Projects and seven Young Research Talent grants in basic ICT research under the FRIPRO scheme in 2014. Supplementary funding provided by the new IKTPLUSS initiative for ICT contributed considerably to the allocations.

    Published: 12.01.2015
  • Bigger budgets and more measures to boost Norwegian participation in EU research

    Making more funding available for project establishment and positioning activities and providing support to establish and operate EU networks are among the measures aimed to strengthen Norwegian participation in the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

    Published: 09.01.2015
  • Helpful and constructive input

    “The input received in the consultative review of the Research Council of Norway’s proposed new main strategy is extremely useful and will result in a better, more targeted strategy,” says Director General of the Research Council, Arvid Hallén. The strategy is scheduled to be finalised in March 2015.

    Published: 08.01.2015
  • We must continue building upon our strengths

    “Policy innovations will be critical for Norway to succeed in restructuring to a sustainable society,” says Henrik O. Madsen, chair of the Research Council of Norway's new Executive Board.

    Published: 07.01.2015
  • Up-and-coming aquaculture researchers

    The latest newsletter from the HAVBRUK programme presents the research activities of 10 of the 13 doctoral fellows taking part in projects under the programme.

    Published: 07.01.2015
  • New Executive Board of the Research Council

    On 19 December, a new Executive Board was appointed by Royal Decree. The board will take office from 1 January 2015.

    Published: 05.01.2015
  • Upping Norwegian participation in EU health research

    Upping Norwegian participation in EU health research Norwegian health researchers were far less active than their Swedish and Danish counterparts in seeking funding under the EU Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. The Research Council will work to mobilise greater participation under Horizon 2020.

    Published: 22.12.2014
  • Petroleum call focusing og interdisciplinary perspectives

    The Large-scale Programme for Petroleum Research (PETROMAKS 2) and the Programme for Social Science Research Related to the Petroleum Sector (PETROSAM 2) are issuing a joint call for proposals encouraging research groups to look at the challenges facing the petroleum industry in a new light.

    Published: 19.12.2014
  • Seventeen projects to generate knowledge about ecosystems

    A total of NOK 240 million has been awarded to 17 projects to study the responses of ecosystems to changes in climate and the environment as well as the cumulative effects on the ecosystem. Achieving an integrated understanding of ecosystems is essential to solving environmental challenges.

    Published: 19.12.2014
  • ERC allocations on the rise

    Thus far, three Norwegian research projects have been awarded several million in funding during this year’s Starting Grant competition under the European Research Council (ERC). Three more are on the reserve list. A total of nine applicants are still awaiting notification from the ERC after applying for an ERC Consolidator Grant.

    Published: 15.12.2014
  • Over NOK 1 billion in funding for independent projects

    The Research Council of Norway has granted a total of NOK 1.07 billion to 159 new projects under the FRIPRO funding scheme for independent projects from 2015. Increased allocations over the national budget have made it possible to award funding to a record-high number of projects. The type of application with the highest percentage of approval was Young Research Talents.

    Published: 11.12.2014
  • The RiS Portal: Open access to research in Svalbard

    Arctic research is demanding. Project leaders have to stay updated on on going research activity while planning for new field activities. The planning phase requires hours of browsing journals, submission of formal documents and booking of facilities. If you are conducting research in Svalbard, the improved version of the RiS Portal (Research in Svalbard) has now made your work a lot easier.

    Published: 05.12.2014
  • Norwegian research priorities for 2016

    The Research Council of Norway is proposing an increase of NOK 1.1 billion for research in its input to the national budget for 2016. Special target areas in the proposed budget for 2016 include sustainability, innovation, the EU and world-leading research groups.

    Published: 04.12.2014
  • 208 grant proposals submitted for the November application deadline

    The Research Council of Norway received 208 grant applications for the 26 November application deadline. A total of NOK 112 million was announced in this funding round.

    Published: 02.12.2014
  • Norwegian-Russian research cooperation even more important

    “At a time when Russia in some spheres is acting more in isolation from the rest of Europe, it is perhaps all the more important to further develop fruitful research cooperation with our giant neighbour in the east,” says Director General of the Research Council Arvid Hallén.

    Published: 30.11.2014
  • Research Council introduces a new policy for basic research

    The Research Council of Norway will promote more pioneering basic research of high international calibre and enhance career opportunities for younger researchers across the entire range of funding instruments. High-quality basic research will be a mainstay of the Council’s thematically oriented initiatives.

    Published: 27.11.2014
  • 17 new Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI) announced

    “These centres will expand the innovation capacity of the Norwegian business sector and provide a more stable framework for the research groups to carry out their industry-oriented research,” stated Director General of the Research Council of Norway, Arvid Hallén, when he announced the list of Norway’s new SFI centres on 21 November.

    Published: 26.11.2014
  • Doctoral projects bring new knowledge to the public sector

    The Research Council of Norway has allocated funding to 17 doctoral research projects under the new Public Sector Ph.D. Scheme. The projects extend across a range of subjects from health to water and wastewater management.

    Published: 24.11.2014
  • New large-scale initiative on ICT

    The Research Council’s Large-scale Programme on Core Competence and Value Creation in ICT (VERDIKT) concludes at the end of 2014. The new large-scale initiative on information technology and digital innovation (IKTPLUSS) will take a more integrated approach to ICT research than its predecessor.

    Published: 21.11.2014
  • Clearer priorities set for bilateral research cooperation

    The Research Council of Norway has drawn up roadmaps for research cooperation with each of the eight priority partner countries outside the EU/EEA: Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa and the USA.

    Published: 20.11.2014
  • Helping babies survive

    A healthy baby is born in the Haydom Lutheran Hospital in Tanzania. She is given the name Precious and her proud mother is ready to take her back to the village. Many children born in the same hospital, or in other places in low and middle-income countries, are not as fortunate as Precious.

    Published: 20.11.2014