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The list below provides information about selected events arranged by the Research Council of Norway on its own or in collaboration with others. Information will be made available in English to the greatest degree possible, but please note that Norwegian texts may appear. A more comprehensive overview over coming events is found on the Norwegian-language webpages.

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  • Mer forskning og innovasjon i bygg-, anlegg- og eiendomsnæringene

    Forskningsrådet i samarbeid med NESO, Høgskolen i Narvik og Norut Narvik inviterer til møte med fokus på hvordan byggenæringen kan utvikle og finansiere forskningsprosjekter. Forskningsrådets program Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena BIA utlyser årlig flere hundre millioner til innovasjonsprosjekter og kompetanseprosjekter for næringslivet. Dette er midler bransjen kan søke på.

    From: 21.01.2015
  • Conference: A world undergoing demographic change

    The proportion of elderly people will rise in Norway and in many other parts of the world in years to come. What trends are we seeing in Norway and what will care for the elderly and working life be like in the future? What trends are emerging globally and how has Japan positioned itself to meet its own aging population?

    From: 29.01.2015
  • Conference on mental health and alcohol and drug research

    Lectures by renowned Norwegian and international researchers are on the agenda when the Research Council of Norway’s Research Programme on Mental Health and the Programme on Alcohol and Drug Research co-host their 2014 conference.

    From: 02.02.2015
  • Conference: Norwegian investments in research infrastructure

    The Research Council of Norway is hosting a conference on the National Financing Initiative for Research Infrastructure (INFRASTRUKTUR) to provide more information about how the initiative is meant to function within the Norwegian research system.

    From: 12.02.2015
  • March 2015: The 9th Conference on Global Health and Vaccination Research

    The 9th Conference on Global Health and Vaccination Research will take place at Hotel Clarion in Oslo 17-18 March 2015.The host of this year's conference is the Interfaculty research programme - LEVE (Livelihoods in developing countries) at the University of Oslo. There will be a student conference at the University of Oslo 16 March.

    From: 17.03.2015
  • Concluding conference for the Research Programme on the Oceans and Coastal Areas

    The Research Programme on the Oceans and Coastal Areas under the Research Council of Norway will be concluded in 2015. A research expedition on board one of the Hurtigruten’s coastal passenger ships will mark the event.

    From: 07.04.2015