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The list below provides information about selected events arranged by the Research Council of Norway on its own or in collaboration with others. Information will be made available in English to the greatest degree possible, but please note that Norwegian texts may appear. A more comprehensive overview over coming events is found on the Norwegian-language webpages.

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  • Conference: Experience gained from the Coordination Reform

    The Ministry of Health and Care Services has commissioned the Research Council of Norway to carry out a research-based follow-up evaluation of the Coordination Reform. What have we learned thus far?

    From: 03.09.2015
  • Seminar about FET-OPEN opportunities, - how to write more competitive proposals

    The Research Council invite you to a seminar about the event targets potential applicants to the calls Horizon 2020 Future and Emerging Technologies (FET).

    From: 07.09.2015
  • Conference: Results from the evaluation of the Norwegian Breast Cancer Screening

    The Research Council of Norway was commissioned by the Ministry of Health and Care Service to carry out an evaluation of the reform of the Norwegian Breast Cancer Screening Programme. The evaluation is now in its concluding phase, and the results will be presented at the conference.

    From: 07.09.2015
  • The biobank and health data conference 2015

    The Research Council of Norway is hosting a conference at The House of Literature in Oslo 8 September at 10-16.

    From: 08.09.2015
  • Seminar - Better diagnostics and treatment of cancer

    The Programme for Publicly-initiated Clinical Cancer Studies hosts a seminar on 17 September. The seminar will discuss topics relating to the needs for research, implementation and user involvment.

    From: 17.09.2015
  • Innovative Training Networks (ITN) 2016

    ITNs are immensely popular collaborative networks in the Horizon 2020, with a focus on early-stage research training. The call for 2016 is now underway, and the Research Council invite you to inform you about this call.

    From: 13.10.2015
  • The VAM Programme Conference 2015: Work for living

    This year’s conference for the Research Programme on Welfare, Working Life and Migration (VAM) examines the status of and outlook for working life and welfare, and what kinds of insight on developing trends research can provide.

    From: 21.10.2015
  • Annual Conference of the PETROSAM 2 programme

    What role has the petroleum industry played in Norwegian society? And what challenges will the sector be facing in the future? These are two of the topics to be addressed during the annual conference for the Research Council of Norway’s Programme for Social Science Research Related to the Petroleum Sector (PETROSAM 2).

    From: 26.10.2015
  • The value of the small things in health and medical technology

    Please join us for the Research Council’s conference and workshop on nanotechnology in health and medical technology, NanoMed2015. The conference will provide an interactive forum where researchers and industry can meet to discuss how future demands within health care and medical services can be a driving force for research and innovation in nanotechnology – and in the cross-disciplinary nano‒ICT–bio interface.

    From: 27.10.2015
  • Transatlantic Science Week 2015 "Blue Futures"

    Transatlantic Science Week is an annual conference promoting collaboration among research, innovation and educational institutions and organizations in the U.S., Canada and Norway.

    From: 04.11.2015