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Up to 1,000 researchers from approx. 30 nations conduct research in Svalbard every year. The Svalbard Science Forum (SSF) secretariat in Longyearbyen provides an overview of research activities in Svalbard and facilitates collaboration between the relevant research communities.



  • Call for proposals for Arctic Field Grant 2017

    The call for proposals for Arctic Field Grant (AFG) 2017 is now published. The deadline for next year’s field season is 1 PM (GMT+1) on 12 October 2016. The call will be activated 6 weeks before the deadline.

  • Arctic Field Grant results

  • Kings Bay Annual report 2015

    Natural science research is experiencing positive development within the terrestrial, glaciological, atmospheric and marine biology fields. Development has increased steadily in the last couple of years. The high levels of research activity from 2014 also continued in 2015.

  • UNIS Annual Report 2015

    690 students from 44 nations took courses at UNIS in 2015. It's an increase of nearly 100 students compered to 2014.

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