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Up to 1,000 researchers from approx. 30 nations conduct research in Svalbard every year. The Svalbard Science Forum (SSF) secretariat in Longyearbyen provides an overview of research activities in Svalbard and facilitates collaboration between the relevant research communities.



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  • 01.11.16 - 03.11.16

    NÅGLAMB – Ny-Ålesund GLAcier Mass Balance workshop in Oslo, Norway

    The workshop is a SSF-funded workshop concerning glacier mass balance. The primary aim of the workshop will be to bring together researchers from the five international groups studying glacier mass balance in the Ny-Ålesund area. Secondary aims are to promote better collaboration and cooperation between these groups, and to integrate the field studies with modelling efforts, through inclusion of selected members of the Svalbard modelling community.

  • 09.11.16 - 11.11.16

    Taking the next step in Svalbard snow research – Phase II

    The aim of this workshop is to gather researchers working (or planning to work) directly or indirectly with snow on Svalbard, whether on the physical, chemical, biological or other point of view. This to im-prove the knowledge transferee and synchronization between different research disciplines involving snow science.