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A thousand researchers from more than 200 institutions in 30 nations are doing science in Svalbard. The Svalbard Science Forum has overview of the scientific activities and promotes research cooperation and coordination. We fund fieldwork for young scientists, workshops and cooperation projects.



  • AFG 2016 Applications

    77 applications were received for this year's AFG.

  • Results of the AFG survey.

    The results AFG survey is now ready. Read the report here.

  • Call for proposals- SSG

    The call for Svalbard Strategic Grant (SSG) 2016 is now open. The deadline is 25th of November at 13.00

  • We're being mapped!

    In spring 2016 the Government will present a new white paper on Svalbard. Research is a key activity for Svalbard and is likely to be a significant area of focus in the upcoming white paper.

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