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Norwegian interests in the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as national and international commitments, means that we have a particular responsibility to promote knowledge that is necessary to exercise a sound management and business activity in the polar regions.

More about Polar Research


  • Seventeen projects to generate knowledge about ecosystems

    A total of NOK 240 million has been awarded to 17 projects to study the responses of ecosystems to changes in climate and the environment as well as the cumulative effects on the ecosystem. Achieving an integrated understanding of ecosystems is essential to solving environmental challenges.

  • The RiS Portal: Open access to research in Svalbard

    Arctic research is demanding. Project leaders have to stay updated on on going research activity while planning for new field activities. The planning phase requires hours of browsing journals, submission of formal documents and booking of facilities. If you are conducting research in Svalbard, the improved version of the RiS Portal (Research in Svalbard) has now made your work a lot easier.

  • Great interest in research cooperation in Svalbard

    The Research Council of Norway just received applications to two calls. 18 applications were submitted to the call dedicated to enhance cooperation between Norwegian and Russian researchers in Svalbard in 2015-2017. 15 applications were received to Svalbard Strategic Grant for international workshops and cooperation projects in 2015.

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