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Tools for Research - Part II:

Norwegian Roadmap for Research Infrastructure 2014

Teleskop The first version of the Norwegian Roadmap for Research Infrastructure was published in 2010, as one of many similar roadmaps that had been, or were in the process of being, drawn up in other countries. The roadmap presented large-scale projects of national importance that had achieved very high ranking in the first funding round under the National Financing Initiative for Research Infrastructure in 2009. The roadmap is to be revised after each major funding announcement for research infrastructure issued by the Research Council. The first revision was published in 2012. The Norwegian Roadmap for Research Infrastructure 2014 has been updated on the basis of the outcome of the assessment review process under the third funding round in 2012.

The projects highlighted in the roadmap have either already received funding after the call for proposals in 2012 or previously, or are considered as “investment-ready” by the Research Council. They are referred to in this document as “roadmap projects”. The roadmap thus supports the recommendations set out in Tools for Research - Part I (PDF - 810 KB) of increasing the investment volume in, and ensuring long-term funding of, research infrastructures in the years to come.

The Norwegian version of the roadmap outlines in more detail the strategic basis for the Research Council’s thinking and priority-setting with regard to research infrastructure in specific disciplines, thematic areas and technology areas. These area strategies describe the research objectives, existing infrastructure and need for infrastructure in the respective areas. The roadmap projects are presented under the area strategies, making it easier to see the strategic value of investment in the projects (see the Norwegian version of the Roadmap).

The roadmap is not meant to be a static document, and it will be revised in the wake of each major funding announcement. New projects may be added, while others may be removed. As a general rule, projects that have been listed on two consecutive editions of the roadmap without receiving funding will be removed. The area strategies will continually be evolving. For this reason the most recent electronic version of the Norwegian roadmap,, will be the applicable version at any given time.

Arvid Hallén
Director General of the Research Council of Norway

Tools for Research – Part I: Norway’s national strategy for research infrastructure 2012-2017 (PDF - 810 KB)

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