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The primary objective of the GLOBVAC programme is to support high-quality research with potential for high impact that can contribute to sustainable improvements in health and health equity for poor people in low- and lower-middle income countries (LMIC).

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  • Register for the GLOBVAC 2017 conference now!

    The 10th Conference on Global Health and Vaccination Research will be officially opened with the art exhibition <Immune Nations> on Monday evening 13 March 2017 at Gallery KIT in Trondheim. The conference itself will take place at the Royal Garden Hotel the following two days, 14-15 March. A student conference will also be organized on 13 March. Registration for the main conference in now open.

  • GLOBVAC received 22 applications for symposia as part of the 2017 conference

    GLOBVAC also received 106 poster abstracts before deadline. Successful applicants will be contacted by the programme committee.

  • Videos and presentations from information meeting on Visjon2030

    The Research Council is launching a call for innovation projects and formative dialogue research aiming to help combat poverty. Here are the presentations from the meeting on June 21st.

  • New funding mechanism to help combat poverty

    Through the new funding mechanism Visjon2030 there will be a call for innovation projects in education and health aiming to help combat poverty, and a call on formative dialogue reseach to follow the innovation projects from start to end. Welcome to an information meeting 21 June.

  • Introduces lifesaving vaccine in India

    The GLOBVAC-program at The Research Council of Norway has contributed financially to develop a new vaccine against the deadly rotavirus. The vaccine was recently introduced in India's Universal Immunization Program.

  • New evaluation:

    Top-notch global health research

    The Research Council's Programme for Global Health and Vaccination Research (GLOBVAC) represents a major and beneficial component of Norway’s efforts to promote global health, according to the findings of a mid-term evaluation of the programme.

  • Global health conferences in 2016 and 2017

    This year, there will be a national conference in Bergen 20-21 April with the theme Norwegian Global Health Networks with Impact. The 10th Conference on Global Health and Vaccination Research (GLOBVAC conference) will take place 14-15 March 2017 in Trondheim.

  • Outlines for innovation projects with the aim to reduce poverty

    Call for outlines with deadline 17 February. The VISJON2030 initiative is to contribute to poverty reduction by developing and scaling up innovative solutions that promote achievement of the new UN Sustainable Development Goals for education and health.

  • Results from the 2015 call for PhD proposals to GLOBVAC

    The GLOBVAC call for PhD applications with deadline 9 September 2015 received 14 applications. The total amount applied for was 54 million Norwegian kroner. The GLOBVAC Programme Board held their grant allocation meeting 12 January 2016.

  • TB joins HIV as the world's most deadly infectious disease

    The latest report from WHO released this week shows that TB now joins HIV as the world's most deadly infectious disease.

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