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The NORRUSS programme is a social science research programme on Russia and The High North/Arctic with a principal aim to generate new knowledge in this field.

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  • Norway-Russia Conference 19-20 nov. 2014

    Norway Russia Conference

    Cooperation and development in the High North.
    The Research Council of Norway and the Russian Academy of Sciences are hosting a conference on petroleum resources, energy policy cooperation and community development in the North. The conference is scheduled for 19–20 November and the preliminary conference programme is available for viewing.

  • Nok 10 million to Norwegian partners in joint call with the Russian Foundation for Humanities

    Call for applications on Researcher projects with deadline 3 September on social science research.

  • 30 mill kroner to Norwegian partners in joint call for proposals with RFBR.

    Call for proposals within basic research with application deadline 3rd September targeting challenges for the petroleum and maritime sector in the Arctic.

  • Norwegian-Russian cooperation on assessing Arctic earthquake risk

    “For a complete picture of earthquake risk in the Arctic, Norwegian and Russian scientists need to share seismological data – and this knowledge is more important than ever, now that oil and gas activities in the area are on the rise,” said project manager Johannes Schweitzer at the GEOPROC project kick-off on 8 April.

  • New momentum for Norwegian polar research

    Norway will continue to strengthen its role as one of the world's leading nations in polar research, states the new policy document for this key research field. The Research Council of Norway is now assigning higher priority to polar activities and charting out a more targeted course of action.

  • NOK 25.5 million to Norwegian-Russian polar and petroleum research

    Seven new Norwegian-Russian research projects have been awarded funding for activities targeted towards new knowledge about the Arctic. Roughly NOK 26 million has been allocated to the Norwegian partners, which is over NOK 14 million more than was allocated last year to collaborative projects with the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR).

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