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Subject-specific evaluations

The aim of the subject-specific evaluations is to provide a critical review of the Norwegian research system in an international perspective, and to provide recommendations on measures to encourage increased quality and efficiency of research.

The evaluations help to ensure that the Research Council has the necessary information on which to base its strategic research activities and efforts vis-à-vis public bodies. Recommendations and proposals in the subject-specific evaluations are intended to provide a starting point for establishing general measures and scientific priorities. The evaluations also serve as a tool for the institutions themselves in their ongoing efforts to refine their own strategic and scientific framework.

Current evaluations

Evaluation of humanities research in Norway (2015-17)
Evaluation of social science research in Norway (2016-18)

Previous evaluations

Evaluation of basic and long-term research within technology (2014-15)
Evaluation of Norwegian Climate Research (2012)
Nordic Evaluation of Sports Sciences (2012)
Evaluation of Basic Research in ICT (2012)
Evaluation of Mathematical Sciences (2011)
Evaluation of Earth Sciences (2011)
Evaluation of Biology, Clinical Medicine and Health Science (2011)
Evaluation of Research in Anthropology (2011)
Evaluation of Norwegian Geography Research (2011)
Evaluation of Research in Sociology (2010)
Evaluation of Norwegian Research in Ecological Agriculture (2010) In Norwegian only
Evaluation of Philosophy and History of Ideas in Norway (2010)
Evaluation of Basic Physics Research in Norway (2010)
Evaluation of Law (2009) In Norwegian
Evaluation of Basic Chemistry Research in Norway PDF - 3,3 MB     
Evaluation of Norwegian Historical Research (2008), English summary
Evaluation of Norwegian Development Research (2007) PDF - 698 KB
Evaluation of Economic Reseach in Norway (2007)
Economic Research in Norway. Bibliometric analysis (2007)
Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Research in Norway(2006)
Evaluation of Norwegian Research in Nordic literature and Language (2005) In Norwegian only
Evaluation of Norwegain Pedagogical Research(2004). In Norwegian only
Evalutaion of Research in Engeering Science in Norway(2004)
Evaluation of Clinical, Epidemiological, Public Health, Health-related and Psychological Research (2004)
Evaluation of Research in ICT in Norwegian Universities and University Colleges(2002)
Evaluation of Nowegian Linguistical Research(2002). In Norwegian only
Evaluation of Research in Mathematics in Norwegian Universities and University Colleges(2002)
Evaluation of Research in Political Science in Norway(2002). In Norwegian only
Evaluation of Norwegian Physics Research (2000)
Evaluation of Norwegian Reserach in Earth Sciences(1998)

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