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Main strategy of the Research Council

The Research Council's main strategy for the 2009-2014 period is entitled "In the Vanguard of Research." It is the result of collaboration among the Council's governing bodies and a review process that gathered viewpoints from throughout the entire Norwegian research community.

The strategy provides input to the authorities and various stakeholders in the research establishment as well as guiding principles for the Research Council's own activities. It revolves around for key challenes facing Norwegian research:

To ensure adequate capacity and quality
There must be greater investment in research activity and the overall quality must be enhanced to help researchers, trade and industry and society at large to develop and compete in an increasingly globalised world.

To meet the changing needs of society
Research must seek to respond more directly to specific social and industrial challenges, especially in relation to welfare and industrial development, as well as global climate and energy problems.

To create a sounder structure
The structure of the Norwegian research system, its national partnerships and its international participation must be upgraded to achieve optimum utilisation of Norway's overall R&D.

To promote new learning
Research must generate results that can be applied by the private and public sectors alike, as well as provide a framework for learning that will benefit the national knowledge culture.

Competent and transparent

The Research Council's ambitions for its own activities include providing decision-makers with constructive research-policy input,  implementing effective and targeted distribution of research funds, and creating meeting places that actively promote dialogue between research and society. The Research Council serves as an agent of change in Norwegian research, and seeks to be a leading player in strategic research planning. In this context, the Research Council will work to:

  • Ensure greater openness and dialogue on research-policy input and priorities
  • Further develop the cooperation between the Research Council boards and the administration.
  • Ensure that representatives from research, industry and society at large are adequately represented in the governing bodies.
  • Enhance expertise and strengthen the knowledge base for strategic research planning activities.
  • Continue to develop user-oriented administrative and funding management procedures.
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